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* CMake: Skip regeneration of manual compile test projectAlexandru Croitor2020-04-091-0/+1
| | | | | Change-Id: I8563ed5b034c843b9f3a4390f963558f6d214ad1 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
* CMake: Port the 'separate_debug_info' featureJoerg Bornemann2020-03-063-0/+18
For this, we have to uninline the separate_debug_info configure test, because supporting the conversion of this in configurejson2cmake is not worth the hassle. Separate debug information can be turned on for a target by calling the function qt_enable_separate_debug_info. For Qt's shared libraries and tools separate debug information is generated if the 'separate_debug_info' feature is manually turned on. Change-Id: Ic2ffc15efef3794dc0aa42f3d853ef6d651a751c Reviewed-by: Leander Beernaert <> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>