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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.7' into devLiang Qi2016-06-211-1/+6
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7Liang Qi2016-06-201-1/+6
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| | * qmake: Fix missing newlines in generated vcxproj filesMat Sutcliffe2016-06-161-1/+6
* | | Improve error reporting when parsing JSON filesLars Knoll2016-06-171-3/+8
* | | add $$sorted() function.Oswald Buddenhagen2016-05-251-1/+10
* | | add $$str_member() functionOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-251-37/+71
* | | add $$str_size() functionOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-251-2/+9
* | | add $$num_add() (numeric addition) functionOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-251-2/+26
* | | add $$take_first() and $$take_last() functionsOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-251-1/+18
* | | remove remaining pointless conversions to QStringOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-241-27/+24
* | | make split_value_list() take a QStringRef as inputOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-241-8/+10
* | | make QMakeParser take a QStringRef as inputOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-241-2/+3
* | | make QMakeEvaluator::isActiveConfig() take a QStringRef argumentOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-241-1/+1
* | | add ProStringList::join(ProString) overload and make use of itOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-241-3/+2
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* | add ProString::toLongLong() and make use of itOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-191-1/+1
* | remove pointless conversion to QString in isTrue()Oswald Buddenhagen2016-05-191-5/+4
* | remove pointless conversions to QString when converting to intOswald Buddenhagen2016-05-191-6/+6
* | qmake: de-duplicate QString::number() calls with same argAnton Kudryavtsev2016-02-081-2/+3
* | qmake: optimize container usage in the json handling.Anton Kudryavtsev2016-02-041-5/+11
* | qmake: use reserve to optimize memory allocation.Anton Kudryavtsev2016-02-011-0/+2
* | qmake: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [already const]Marc Mutz2016-01-281-6/+6
* | qmake: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [needing qAsConst()]Marc Mutz2016-01-281-4/+4
* | qmake: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [rvalues]Marc Mutz2016-01-281-10/+20
* | qmake: don't iterate over .keys()Marc Mutz2016-01-281-2/+2
* | Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-211-17/+12
* add enablers for printing project errors in cumulative modeOswald Buddenhagen2015-12-211-2/+6
* make write_file() capable of making files (not) executableOswald Buddenhagen2015-12-211-8/+19
* fix raw data leak in $$sprintf()Oswald Buddenhagen2015-10-271-1/+1
* micro-optimization: use ProStringList::join(QChar) overloadOswald Buddenhagen2015-10-271-1/+1
* QmakeParser: Do not leak temporaries into cache of filesTobias Hunger2015-10-271-1/+3
* don't complain about missing include()s during cumulative evaluationOswald Buddenhagen2015-10-271-0/+2
* remove bogus parens from error messagesOswald Buddenhagen2015-05-201-2/+2
* trim whitespace from windows error messagesOswald Buddenhagen2015-05-201-1/+1
* remove trailing dots from some error messagesOswald Buddenhagen2015-05-201-3/+3
* make defined() error message tell about "var" typeOswald Buddenhagen2015-05-201-1/+1
* move some functions into ProStringList for saner OO designOswald Buddenhagen2015-02-121-1/+1
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-111-7/+7
* make quoting in the prl writer more robustOswald Buddenhagen2015-02-051-2/+2
* remove pointless return value from QMakeParser::read()Oswald Buddenhagen2015-02-041-8/+6
* Update license headers and add new license filesMatti Paaso2014-09-241-19/+11
* add priority sorting to $$resolve_depends()Oswald Buddenhagen2014-07-301-12/+17
* qmake: Use QDir::toNativeSeparators on paths printed as infoAlessandro Portale2014-05-081-3/+3
* fix $$shell_path() for mingw+shOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-301-2/+10
* de-duplicate codeOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-041-3/+3
* qmake: add replacement function getenvJoerg Bornemann2014-03-201-1/+11
* support a cache that is really just a cacheOswald Buddenhagen2013-11-141-21/+33
* clean superfile and cachefile paths upon creationOswald Buddenhagen2013-11-141-2/+2
* Add JSON parsing support to qmake.Morten Johan Sørvig2013-10-171-1/+90
* qmake: add $$title() function to convert strings to title caseTor Arne Vestbø2013-09-241-2/+10
* avoid deadlock in cache() during spec/cache loadingOswald Buddenhagen2013-08-271-1/+1