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* Update copyright year in Digia's license headersSergio Ahumada2013-01-1813-13/+13
* qmake:Add a case sensitivity flag to ProString::{starts,ends}With()Debao Zhang2012-12-211-8/+8
* add base parameter to ProString::toInt and ProString::toShortJoerg Bornemann2012-12-171-2/+2
* fix bootstrapped buildOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-291-2/+2
* fix non-qmake build of the evaluatorOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-281-1/+1
* rewrite default spec handlingOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-011-3/+11
* Fix qmake's pro file cache to interact correctly with write_fileSimon Hausmann2012-10-253-0/+9
* Change copyrights from Nokia to DigiaIikka Eklund2012-09-2213-312/+312
* Use QStringList::join(QChar) overload where applicable [qmake]Marc Mutz2012-09-211-2/+2
* qmake: add ProStringList::join(QChar)Marc Mutz2012-09-212-8/+20
* make error() abort the qmake run, not just the current fileOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-213-59/+86
* resolve only one level of symlinks, and only for the default specsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-191-1/+6
* fold m_qmakespecFull back into m_qmakespecOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-192-9/+8
* fix non-bootstrapped $$system()'s line end conversions on windowsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-181-3/+7
* don't allow overloading of built-in functionsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-183-18/+20
* remove the entirely insane whitespace compressionOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-181-18/+2
* qmake: Include own header firstSergio Ahumada2012-09-171-1/+1
* remove support for non-lowercased $$eXpaNd() functionsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-131-9/+0
* don't pretend that break()/next()/return() are functionsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-136-37/+77
* improve parse error recovery pathsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-131-4/+7
* port qmake to qt creator's qmake language evaluatorOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-1112-48/+6940
* introduce qmake variable abstractionsOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-072-0/+292