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* dbustray: add NewMenu signal and emit it when menu changedMarco Trevisan (Treviño)2018-02-221-0/+3
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This is a signal that is not actually supported by the StatusNotificationIcon standard, but it comes to be important for the Qt implementation of it, in fact qt apps might not have a menu, when exporting the Menu path as /NO_DBUSMENU or they could add this later in the execution. So, currently there's no way for the StatusNotificationWatcher to know when a menu has been added (or changed). Adding a NewMenu signal won't cause any troubles, but will allow watchers to be notified properly on menu addition. Change-Id: I9a8b00213f5023950811af1d62cd91bc51744b78 Reviewed-by: Dmitry Shachnev <> Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
* Fix pixmap types in org.kde.StatusNotifierItem.xmlDmitry Shachnev2016-01-211-4/+4
| | | | | | | | | | According to the spec, pixmap type is ARRAY(INT, INT, ARRAY BYTE). This also matches our QXdgDBusImageVector typedef. Also fix the D-Bus Introspection class info. Change-Id: Ic13e8a078299b9c76d2742055d64cfdc54460d58 Reviewed-by: Dmitry Shachnev <> Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
* QSystemTrayIcon uses D-Bus StatusNotifier on Linux when possibleShawn Rutledge2015-01-221-0/+96
Implementing org.kde.StatusNotifier DBus interface as well as org.canonical.dbusmenu for the limited purpose of showing the tray icon's context menu. If a desktop environment (such as KDE or Unity) has a StatusNotifierWatcher listening, then tray icon information is sent to be displayed by the tray implementation instead of being rendered directly in an XEmbed window. This is necessary because some modern tray implementations no longer provide XEmbed "hosting". [ChangeLog][QPA][Xcb] QSystemTrayIcon uses StatusNotifier D-Bus protocol when the desktop environment supports it Task-number: QTBUG-31762 Done-with: Marco Martin <> Change-Id: I3b1f744d621eefc7e9c61d1469460ebfcc77fc54 Reviewed-by: Jørgen Lind <> Reviewed-by: Dmitry Shachnev <>