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* | Replace qrand() engine with C++11 <random> LCG and deprecateThiago Macieira2017-11-301-83/+59
* A brute-force solution to get QRandomGenerator build on IntegrityLiang Qi2017-11-151-2/+3
* QRandomGenerator: optimize the global() and system() storageThiago Macieira2017-11-111-55/+137
* QRandomGenerator: add more of the std Random Engine APIThiago Macieira2017-11-111-9/+81
* QRandomGenerator: add securelySeeded(), to ensure appropriate seedingThiago Macieira2017-11-111-9/+51
* Change QRandomGenerator to have a deterministic modeThiago Macieira2017-11-111-261/+446
* QRandomGenerator: remove the per-thread bufferThiago Macieira2017-11-111-64/+8
* Fix unused variable warning when compiling in release mode with GCC 7Thiago Macieira2017-11-031-0/+2
* Fix build on Integrity: the compiler doesn't understand this constructThiago Macieira2017-10-231-1/+5
* QRandomGenerator: fix the timing of the closing of the Unix random fdThiago Macieira2017-10-201-2/+2
* configure: make C++11 <random> a required functionalityThiago Macieira2017-10-161-13/+6
* Doc: fix QRandomGenerator missing updates after renameThiago Macieira2017-10-141-10/+10
* QRandomGenerator: improve internal noexceptnessThiago Macieira2017-10-141-5/+7
* Fix element overwrite in QRandomGenerator's fallback functionEirik Aavitsland2017-09-281-1/+1
* QRandomGenerator: update API to better nameThiago Macieira2017-09-221-26/+43
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* Doc: add warning against bulk random data creation to QRandomGeneratorSamuel Gaist2017-08-051-1/+4
* Fix use of getentropy on larger blocksThiago Macieira2017-07-271-2/+16
* Rename the "sys_auxv" feature to "getauxval"Thiago Macieira2017-07-061-2/+2
* QRandomGenerator: use getentropy on Linux & OpenBSDThiago Macieira2017-06-301-9/+38
* QRandomGenerator: Rework the fallback seedingThiago Macieira2017-06-251-38/+58
* Doc: add a note about QRandomGenerator returning the sign bit setThiago Macieira2017-06-201-0/+18
* QRandomGenerator: don't internally rely on QT_HAS_INCLUDEThiago Macieira2017-06-201-3/+3
* Fix some qdoc warnings for 5.10Friedemann Kleint2017-06-201-27/+27
* QRandomGenerator: mix the Linux AT_RANDOM random bytes in the fallbackThiago Macieira2017-06-121-3/+26
* QRandomGenerator: improve the fallback seeding in emergenciesThiago Macieira2017-06-121-1/+31
* QRandomGenerator: use arc4random as fallback on BSDs (including Darwin)Thiago Macieira2017-06-121-0/+7
* QRandomGenerator: add support for hardware-based random generatorsThiago Macieira2017-06-121-2/+46
* Use QtPrivate::FunctionPointer to get the type of srand's first argThiago Macieira2017-06-121-7/+2
* Move qrand() & qsrand() to qrandom.cppThiago Macieira2017-06-121-1/+140
* Long live QRandomGeneratorThiago Macieira2017-06-121-0/+727