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* Replace QString::utf16() with data() in memcpy() and QByteArray ctorØystein Heskestad2022-01-071-2/+2
* QProcess: Distinguish between null and empty QProcessEnvironmentIevgenii Meshcheriakov2021-11-071-48/+47
* Remove pre-Win10 code paths in QtBaseYuhang Zhao2021-11-021-9/+1
* corelib: Fix typos in source code commentsJonas Kvinge2021-10-121-1/+1
* Q{LocalSocket|Process}/Win: handle write errorsAlex Trotsenko2021-09-181-0/+8
* QWindowsPipeWriter: do not clear the buffer in thread pool callbackAlex Trotsenko2021-09-181-2/+1
* Doc: Fix documentation issues for Qt CoreTopi Reinio2021-08-241-0/+1
* QProcess/Win: cleanup startProcess()Alex Trotsenko2021-06-191-17/+2
* QProcess/Win: avoid double buffering on writeAlex Trotsenko2021-06-181-53/+21
* Allow destruction of QWindowsPipeReader in its signalAlex Trotsenko2021-06-181-14/+7
* QProcess: untangle platform-specific detailsAlex Trotsenko2021-06-041-2/+67
* Introduce QProcessPrivate::closeChannels()Alex Trotsenko2021-05-311-6/+2
* QWindowsPipe{Reader|Writer}: restructure signalsAlex Trotsenko2021-04-151-4/+14
* QProcess/Win: do not use extended API for pollingAlex Trotsenko2021-03-291-4/+4
* QProcess/Win: get rid of incremental waitAlex Trotsenko2021-03-251-33/+79
* QProcess/Win: simplify logic inside waitForBytesWritten()Alex Trotsenko2021-03-251-21/+6
* QProcess/Win: implement async closing of write channelAlex Trotsenko2021-03-111-6/+0
* QProcess::startDetached: set the error condition on failure to startThiago Macieira2021-02-211-0/+6
* QProcess/Win: move pipe draining into QWindowsPipeReaderAlex Trotsenko2021-01-221-19/+9
* Remove useless call in QProcessPrivate::waitForFinished() on WindowsAlex Trotsenko2021-01-091-3/+1
* Split QProcessPrivate::_q_processDied()Alex Trotsenko2021-01-091-3/+5
* QProcess/Win: do not duplicate handles for pipelined processesAlex Trotsenko2021-01-031-24/+8
* QProcess: allow merged channels forwarding for detached processesAlex Trotsenko2020-12-311-11/+1
* QProcess: consolidate channel managementAlex Trotsenko2020-12-311-25/+4
* QProcess/Win: do not needlessly duplicate std handles in startProcess()Alex Trotsenko2020-12-301-38/+34
* QProcess/Win: handle more errors in openChannel()Alex Trotsenko2020-12-301-40/+46
* QProcess: migrate to QDeadlineTimerAlex Trotsenko2020-12-091-9/+8
* QProcess/Win: improve reading in waitForBytesWritten()Alex Trotsenko2020-12-011-8/+2
* Fix some MSVC conversion warningsFriedemann Kleint2020-09-221-2/+2
* QProcess/Win: Fix build in debug modeAlex Trotsenko2020-06-051-1/+2
* Avoid using a QRegExp for trivial replacementsLars Knoll2019-12-131-2/+11
* Make QObjectPrivate::threadData a proper atomicGiuseppe D'Angelo2019-11-131-1/+1
* QProcess: Fix crash when calling closeWriteChannel on WindowsJoerg Bornemann2019-02-211-8/+14
* Windows code: Fix clang-tidy warnings about else after jumpsFriedemann Kleint2018-09-021-51/+51
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2018-08-071-5/+9
| * QProcess::startDetached: Fix behavior change on WindowsJoerg Bornemann2018-08-031-5/+9
* | QProcess/Win: Use ConnectNamedPipe asynchronously and check return valueJoerg Bornemann2018-05-261-1/+20
* QProcess: set proper error state if we failed to create a pipeThiago Macieira2018-05-021-1/+6
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.9' into 5.11Liang Qi2018-02-141-1/+2
| * QProcess/Windows: Include PID in pipe namesFrank Richter2018-01-181-1/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.10' into devLiang Qi2017-11-231-4/+3
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| * | Change almost all other uses of qrand() to QRandomGeneratorThiago Macieira2017-11-081-4/+3
* | | Qt Core: Remove code for Windows < 7Friedemann Kleint2017-10-051-3/+1
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* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.9' into devLiang Qi2017-06-191-7/+7
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| * Use QMap in QProcessEnvironment so variables are sortedThomas Sondergaard2017-06-131-2/+2
| * Rename QProcessEnvironmentPrivate::hash to varsThomas Sondergaard2017-06-131-4/+4
* | Support standard channel redirection in QProcess::startDetachedJoerg Bornemann2017-06-131-19/+43
* | Fix casts and null pointer style in QProcessPrivate::startProcessJoerg Bornemann2017-04-231-4/+5
* | Support setCreateProcessArgumentsModifier in QProcess:startDetachedJoerg Bornemann2017-04-231-10/+19
* | QProcess::startDetached: support nativeArguments on WindowsJoerg Bornemann2017-04-011-10/+16