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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into devSimon Hausmann2015-12-081-0/+2
| * Combine environment variable implementationsSamuel Nevala2015-12-031-0/+2
* | qt_poll: split out into separate file and sanitize buildLouai Al-Khanji2015-12-051-0/+2
* | Add qt_safe_pollLouai Al-Khanji2015-12-011-0/+4
* | Remove remaining support for BlackberryLouai Al-Khanji2015-11-211-7/+0
* Make CoreFoundation event dispatcher available on OS X alsoTimur Pocheptsov2015-11-131-8/+5
* Move QEventDispatcherCoreFoundation to QtCoreMorten Johan Sørvig2015-10-161-2/+11
* fix usage of wince scopeOswald Buddenhagen2015-06-051-1/+1
* Remove BlackBerry PlayBook support.Rafael Roquetto2015-02-201-1/+1
* Add POSIX IPC support to QSystemSemaphore and QSharedMemoryTobias Koenig2015-01-091-1/+5
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into devOswald Buddenhagen2014-09-291-1/+1
| * BlackBerry PlayBook build fixesSérgio Martins2014-08-261-1/+1
* | Use new, supported APIs in OS X 10.10 and iOS 8.0 to get the OS version.Jake Petroules2014-09-121-11/+13
* QPpsObject compile added for QNX platformNedim Hadzic2014-05-131-2/+8
* BlackBerry: Add a private PPS APINehme Bilal2014-01-111-2/+8
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-11-261-0/+3
| * iOS: Fix linking against QtCoreTor Arne Vestbø2013-11-221-0/+3
* | WinRT: Introduced qfunctions_winrtOliver Wolff2013-09-261-0/+7
* | add WinRT event dispatcherOliver Wolff2013-09-261-3/+8
* Android: Add private API for jni in QtCoreChristian Strømme2013-09-201-3/+5
* Android: Added JNI_OnLoad to QtCoreChristian Strømme2013-09-201-0/+7
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-03-051-0/+2
| * Add qcore_mac_p.h to the list of headers.Thiago Macieira2013-02-211-0/+2
* | Introducing the Qt Android portPaul Olav Tvete2013-03-051-1/+1
* Provide public API for native event filtering, moved up from QPA.David Faure2012-07-201-0/+2
* android: fix build mistake from earlier mkspec namingRobin Burchell2012-07-121-1/+1
* Stub out QSharedMemory and QSystemSemaphore for Android.Robin Burchell2012-05-041-2/+8
* Split qobject_impl.h into qobjectdefs_impl.hKent Hansen2012-04-251-0/+1
* Integrate Blackberry Platform Services (BPS) with Qt event loop.Jeff Kehres2012-04-241-0/+7
* Add missing header in kernel.priJędrzej Nowacki2012-02-061-0/+1
* Move QString <-> NSString conversion to QtCoreMorten Johan Sorvig2012-02-021-0/+2
* Merge integrity support into unix.Robin Burchell2011-12-151-19/+1
* Remove Symbian support from /src/corelib/kernel/.Robin Burchell2011-12-151-17/+1
* Split timer handling out of QEventDispatcherUnix.Robin Burchell2011-12-151-21/+24
* Move QAbstractItemModel into a separate directory.Stephen Kelly2011-12-131-3/+0
* Make QWinEventNotifier part of the public APIDebao Zhang2011-12-011-2/+2
* Implement QMetaTypeSwitcher.Jędrzej Nowacki2011-11-091-1/+2
* Add QTypeModuleInfo template classJędrzej Nowacki2011-11-091-1/+2
* Move the implementation of normalizeTypeInternal()Bradley T. Hughes2011-10-271-0/+1
* corelib: Remove Q_WS-macros.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-241-1/+1
* add qmetaobjectbuilder to qtbase.Lorn Potter2011-10-111-0/+2
* Initial import from the monolithic Qt.Qt by Nokia2011-04-271-0/+164