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| * Fix warning about missing initializer for a struct memberThiago Macieira2018-11-081-1/+1
* | Fully support operator[] on QCborValue and QCborValueRefEdward Welbourne2018-11-011-0/+12
* | doc: Revert to documenting the actual functionsMartin Smith2018-10-161-10/+0
* | Implement QDataStream operator for main CBOR classesJędrzej Nowacki2018-10-031-0/+6
* JSON: Add qHash functions for JSON and CBOR typesUlf Hermann2018-08-271-0/+2
* QCborValue: Disable support for spaceship operatorThiago Macieira2018-07-291-3/+3
* CBOR: Use "noexcept" directlyThiago Macieira2018-07-141-11/+11
* QCborArray & Map: implement move semanticsThiago Macieira2018-07-051-2/+11
* QCborValue: refactor extended types so isTag() is trueThiago Macieira2018-07-051-3/+7
* CBOR: Avoid conflicts with X11 #defines in our enumsMichael Pyne2018-07-041-0/+11
* QCborValue: implement move semantics for QCbor{Array,Map} constructorsThiago Macieira2018-07-041-0/+2
* CBOR: Add QDebug operators for the Qt CBOR value-like typesThiago Macieira2018-07-041-0/+4
* QCborValue: fix warning about shadowing membersThiago Macieira2018-06-181-4/+4
* QCborValue: add support for QVariant and JSON conversionsThiago Macieira2018-06-081-0/+8
* Long live DOM API for CBOR!Thiago Macieira2018-06-081-0/+427