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* Remove "All rights reserved" line from license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-301-1/+1
* QGuiApplication::focusObject() to replace QInputPanel::inputItem()Pekka Vuorela2012-01-271-0/+2
* Remove use of QT_MODULE from libraryGunnar Sletta2012-01-251-1/+0
* Update contact information in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-231-1/+1
* Move keyboardInput data back to QApplicationPekka Vuorela2012-01-171-3/+0
* Add setPalette to QGuiApplicationLars Knoll2012-01-121-0/+1
* Move keyboard locale and input direction to QInputPanelPekka Vuorela2012-01-071-3/+2
* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-051-1/+1
* Fix compiler warnings when using QT_DEPRECATEDSergio Ahumada2011-10-211-0/+2
* Added QWindow::isActive() and focus in / out events.Samuel Rødal2011-10-051-1/+3
* Fix stale license headers from refactor branchJason McDonald2011-09-151-17/+17
* Refactor the input frameworkLars Knoll2011-09-071-0/+3
* Add a QStyleHints class to QtGuiLars Knoll2011-08-311-8/+3
* Implement "quit on last window closed" logic for QWindowGunnar Sletta2011-08-111-0/+6
* Added workable QScreen API on top of QPlatformScreen.Samuel Rødal2011-07-251-0/+5
* Add QGuiApp::topLevelAt and fix visibility flagLars Knoll2011-05-221-0/+1
* Added QGuiApplication::activeWindow().Samuel Rødal2011-05-201-0/+2
* move files in src/gui into their final locationsLars Knoll2011-05-111-0/+146
* split kernel/ up according to the future library splitLars Knoll2011-05-041-132/+0
* move keyboardInputLocale and keyboardInputDirection into QGuiApplicationLars Knoll2011-05-041-0/+3
* Remove more QApp dependenciesLars Knoll2011-05-041-0/+4
* move layoutDirection from QApplication to QGuiApplicationLars Knoll2011-05-031-0/+7
* QGuiApplication is not QPA specificLars Knoll2011-05-031-0/+118