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* Convert a few sizeof(array)/sizeof(element0) fors to range forsAlbert Astals Cid2019-10-041-8/+8
* Fix build without feature.xmlstreamreaderTasuku Suzuki2019-07-051-33/+39
* vulkan: Add debug message filteringLaszlo Agocs2019-05-284-0/+57
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| * Doc: replace even more null/0/nullptr with \nullptr macroChristian Ehrlicher2019-05-081-1/+1
* | Replace Q_DECL_NOEXCEPT with noexcept in QtGuiAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-04-051-6/+6
* | More nullptr usage in headersKevin Funk2019-03-141-1/+1
* QtGui/Network/OpenGl/Widgets/Xml: use \nullptr in documentationChristian Ehrlicher2019-02-201-1/+1
* Doc: Move literal code block to a separate fileCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-10-153-192/+9
* QVulkanWindow: Fix some load/store ops in the default renderpassLaszlo Agocs2018-09-121-2/+2
* QVulkanWindow: Fix bogus stage masks in readbackLaszlo Agocs2018-09-121-1/+1
* Fix device local alloc in hellovulkantextureLaszlo Agocs2018-09-121-0/+5
* Revise an incorrect QVulkanWindow doc noteLaszlo Agocs2018-09-061-9/+5
* doc: Fix remaining qdoc warmings for Vulkan stuffMartin Smith2018-01-181-0/+61
* doc: Add missing template clauses in qvulkaninstance.cppMartin Smith2018-01-121-2/+2
* Drop qvulkan headers from QtGui master headerLaszlo Agocs2017-11-032-0/+8
* Fix redundant Vulkan logging category definitionLaszlo Agocs2017-11-031-22/+22
* QVulkanInstance: Fix compilation with MSVC2013Friedemann Kleint2017-10-141-2/+2
* Work around qvulkanfunctions.h not getting installedLaszlo Agocs2017-06-221-0/+3
* QVulkanWindow: return QMatrix4x4 by valueMarc Mutz2017-05-222-4/+4
* QVulkanWindow: use QVector, not QSet, for small int setMarc Mutz2017-05-222-5/+6
* QVulkanWindow: fix fatal warning on Clang 4Shawn Rutledge2017-05-031-1/+1
* QVulkan{Layer,Extension}: various fixesMarc Mutz2017-04-052-16/+84
* Vulkan: Fix shadow buildsAndy Nichols2017-04-053-7/+9
* Fix some capitalization issues in QVulkan docsLaszlo Agocs2017-04-042-6/+6
* doc: Fix several qdoc warnings in new softwareMartin Smith2017-03-313-42/+69
* doc: Ensure that clangqdoc sees QVulkanInstance declMartin Smith2017-03-314-4/+4
* Clarify the front face winding order in the Vulkan examplesLaszlo Agocs2017-03-261-0/+4
* QVulkanWindow: Add missing device wait after user codeLaszlo Agocs2017-03-261-6/+17
* Add missing class doc for QVulkanWindowRendererLaszlo Agocs2017-03-231-4/+24
* Add license attribution for vk.xmlLaszlo Agocs2017-03-222-0/+37
* Introduce QVulkanWindowLaszlo Agocs2017-03-224-2/+3032
* Fix up QVulkanInstance docsLaszlo Agocs2017-03-221-9/+13
* Basic Vulkan enablersLaszlo Agocs2017-03-177-0/+6671