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* OSX: add several menuitem roles to support menu shortcuts in dialogsShawn Rutledge2014-04-071-1/+5
* QPagedPaintDevice - Move QPageLayout methodsJohn Layt2014-04-055-61/+273
* Use Q_STATIC_ASSERT to check that the array has the right sizeThiago Macieira2014-04-051-12/+1
* QNX: Surpress manual window activation during showFullScreenFabian Bumberger2014-04-051-0/+3
* Fix neon image scaling function declarationsSamuli Piippo2014-04-041-2/+2
* Doc: Fix documentation warning in qstylehints.cppSergio Ahumada2014-04-041-1/+1
* purge vestiges of opengl es 1 supportOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-045-43/+10
* QTextLayout: Fix cursor movement from invalid positionKonstantin Ritt2014-04-042-7/+13
* Optimize QTextEngine::insertionPointsForLine() a bitKonstantin Ritt2014-04-041-0/+3
* QTextLayout: Fix visual cursor movement in some casesKonstantin Ritt2014-04-041-12/+8
* QTextEngine: Fix visual position movement for tab and object casesKonstantin Ritt2014-04-041-8/+7
* [HB] Ensure we always working with non-multi font engineKonstantin Ritt2014-04-042-4/+9
* Add isCreated to QOpenGLTextureBlitterJorgen Lind2014-04-042-0/+7
* Fixup QGuiApplication::sync to flush the QWSI queueJorgen Lind2014-04-041-0/+1
* Doc: Fix Qt Gui filter name in AssistantTopi Reinio2014-04-031-1/+1
* Fix UI squishing when using QWidget::setRenderToTextureJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-032-5/+7
* Avoid an "OpenGL Error: 1282" output when resizing a QOpenGLWidgetJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-021-0/+2
* Add a way to share context between QtQuick and QtWidgetsJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-022-0/+23
* Use an offscreen surface in VAO cleanupLaszlo Agocs2014-04-011-1/+10
* Fix QFontCache::Key comparison for custom font fallbacks caseKonstantin Ritt2014-03-311-1/+1
* Drop dead codeKonstantin Ritt2014-03-311-4/+1
* If no screens, attempting to create a window results in clean exitShawn Rutledge2014-03-292-4/+9
* Fix drawing paths with constant opacity onto PDFAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-03-291-1/+1
* Avoid out of bounds memory reads when scaling imagesLars Knoll2014-03-287-26/+54
* Deprecate QFont::setRawName() and QFont::rawName()Sergio Ahumada2014-03-272-2/+6
* Fix typos in QFont documentation.Mitch Curtis2014-03-271-2/+2
* Keep track of destroyed QOpenGLContexts in QOpenGLVertexArrayObjectTor Arne Vestbø2014-03-271-2/+6
* Fix race condition in QOpenGLMultiGroupSharedResourceLiang Jian2014-03-271-0/+1
* Doc: Fix typosJonathan Liu2014-03-271-1/+1
* Enhance QOffscreenSurface docs wrt the formatLaszlo Agocs2014-03-271-0/+8
* Android: Fix font mergingEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2014-03-251-1/+1
* Fix grammar in QFontInfo::styleName() doc.Mitch Curtis2014-03-251-1/+1
* [HarfBuzz-NG] Optimize Unicode de-/composition callbacksKonstantin Ritt2014-03-251-33/+26
* Fix some documentation errors.Friedemann Kleint2014-03-247-18/+18
* QGuiApplication: send TouchCancel when touch is interrupted by popupShawn Rutledge2014-03-211-0/+12
* QPA: Fix QPlatformTheme::Palette enum value spellingGabriel de Dietrich2014-03-211-0/+1
* Teach font database to populate families lazilyTor Arne Vestbø2014-03-203-26/+99
* Docs: Correct OpenGL ES namingLaszlo Agocs2014-03-201-212/+212
* Resurrect advanced bindTexture() features in QtOpenGLLaszlo Agocs2014-03-201-3/+42
* Avoid QImage copy in toTexture()Morten Johan Sørvig2014-03-201-0/+8
* Return false on context creation failureLaszlo Agocs2014-03-201-3/+3
* Correct QPainter::setPen() documentation.Mitch Curtis2014-03-201-1/+1
* QOpenGLWidget retina support.Morten Johan Sørvig2014-03-201-4/+28
* QOpenGLContext: Use color depth information from QSurfaceFormatKurt Pattyn2014-03-191-0/+12
* AVX image code was removedFrederik Gladhorn2014-03-171-1/+0
* Fix translation of QtPrintSupport and QPageSize.Friedemann Kleint2014-03-171-10/+16
* Make QTextEngine::setAdditionalFormats() invalidate cached resultsKonstantin Ritt2014-03-171-1/+3
* Add note to docs about normalization in setAttributeBufferLaszlo Agocs2014-03-171-0/+6
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into stable" into refs/s...Jani Heikkinen2014-03-174-35/+60
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into stableFrederik Gladhorn2014-03-174-35/+60
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