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* Fix subpixel rendered text in QGLWidgetAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-05-301-7/+11
* Make data tables const.Volker Krause2015-05-051-1/+1
* QtOpenGL: Fix const correctness in old style castsThiago Macieira2015-03-261-1/+1
* Remove some uses of the private Q_PI constantAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-02-261-4/+3
* Use C++ <cmath> instead of <math.h>Allan Sandfeld Jensen2015-02-161-2/+2
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* Fixed QtGui's GL paint engine getting out of sync when using QtOpenGLSamuel Rødal2014-11-112-1/+21
* Fix for current_fbo getting out of sync in QtOpenGLSamuel Rødal2014-11-111-0/+2
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| | * Rename new QOpenGLContext APIsLaszlo Agocs2014-04-253-8/+8
| * | Don't use GL_REPEAT for image-brush drawing on OpenGL ES2Allan Sandfeld Jensen2014-04-251-1/+9
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* | Remove direct OpenGL calls from QtOpenGLLaszlo Agocs2014-04-285-96/+104
* Resurrect QGLWidget::renderText()Laszlo Agocs2014-03-155-3/+32
* Dynamic GL: remove exporting symbolsLaszlo Agocs2014-03-043-9/+9
* Fix some typosSergio Ahumada2014-03-031-1/+1
* Fix texture glyph cache setup in old OpenGL paint engineTor Arne Vestbø2014-02-241-7/+6
* Unify glyph format between QFontEngine and QFontEngineGlyphCacheTor Arne Vestbø2014-02-194-29/+29
* Dynamic GL switch on WindowsLaszlo Agocs2014-02-144-56/+66
* Export optimized premultiply and unpremultiply methodsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-02-101-5/+5
* Fix radial gradient shader compilation for OpenGL ES 2.0.Carsten Munk2013-12-051-2/+2
* Doc: Adding mark-up to boolean default values.Jerome Pasion2013-10-081-1/+1
* Remove code that doesn't do anything.Gunnar Sletta2013-09-261-12/+0
* Fix a memory leak in QGLWidget::renderTextLaszlo Agocs2013-09-201-0/+2
* Fix upload of glyphs when using RGB32 masks on OpenGL ESGunnar Sletta2013-07-301-2/+6
* Restore smooth-scaled drawing of 0.5x-2.0x scaled glyphs in the GL engineTor Arne Vestbø2013-07-081-12/+36
* Set projection matrix for systems with OpenGL 3.1Wouter Huysentruit2013-07-031-0/+2
* Fixed static linking against QtGui and QtOpenGLradman0x2013-05-242-20/+20
* Whitespace cleanup: remove trailing whitespaceAxel Waggershauser2013-03-161-3/+3
* Remove duplicated code for handling OpenGL extensions in QtOpenGLTor Arne Vestbø2013-02-174-55/+49