path: root/src/plugins/platforms/eglfs/deviceintegration/eglfs_kms_support/qeglfskmsscreen.cpp
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* Correct headers to build with eglfs modulesElvis Lee2020-11-171-1/+1
* Export gbm device integration to build it outsideElvis Lee2020-10-231-2/+2
* EGLFS: Don’t compute logical DPI from physical sizeMorten Johan Sørvig2020-10-061-8/+6
* Use QList instead of QVector in pluginsJarek Kobus2020-07-061-2/+2
* eglfs: kms: Read page flip events on a dedicated threadLaszlo Agocs2019-11-141-1/+2
* eglfs: kms: Fix hw cursor with multiple screensLaszlo Agocs2019-11-141-0/+1
* eglfs/kms: Add framebuffer scaling ability with KMS atomicLionel CHAZALLON2018-04-041-3/+2
* eglfs_kms: Remove unused virtuals and move flip callbackLaszlo Agocs2017-09-191-8/+0
* eglfs_kms: Add headless mode for DRM render nodesLaszlo Agocs2017-09-051-2/+9
* eglfs_kms: Add support for formats other than XRGB8888Laszlo Agocs2017-09-051-3/+21
* eglfs_kms: remove unused codeLaszlo Agocs2017-09-051-4/+0
* Change EDID parsing qCWarnings to qCDebugsLaszlo Agocs2017-08-031-2/+2
* eglfs_kms: Decode EDID blobPier Luigi Fiorini2017-05-021-1/+32
* eglfs_kms: Use eglGetPlatformDisplay when availableLaszlo Agocs2017-04-241-1/+1
* eglfs_kms: Mode supportPier Luigi Fiorini2017-02-241-0/+22
* kms: calculate physical size if actual size is unknownSamuli Piippo2017-02-061-1/+6
* Move DRM/KMS code from eglfs into kmsconvenienceLaszlo Agocs2016-11-161-45/+7
* port to modularized platformsupport librariesOswald Buddenhagen2016-10-151-1/+1
* eglfs: Move remaining sources to under apiLaszlo Agocs2016-09-221-1/+1
* eglfs: Configurable screen order in the virtual desktopLaszlo Agocs2016-08-111-26/+9
* eglfs: Fix rotation support with the DRM backendsLaszlo Agocs2016-08-101-1/+3
* eglfs: Fix QT_QPA_EGLFS_ROTATION with the KMS/DRM screeenLaszlo Agocs2016-08-101-3/+23
* eglfs: Enable virtual desktop with EGLDevice as wellLaszlo Agocs2016-08-101-1/+1
* eglfs: Fix DRM+KMS backendsLaszlo Agocs2016-05-101-1/+1
* Multi-screen handling for the eglfs_kms_egldevice backendDominik Holland2016-04-151-0/+220