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| * | Mac: fix bugs for font selection in QFontDialogLiang Qi2012-12-141-10/+6
| * | XCB: add support for getting and setting appTime and appUserTime.David Faure2012-12-146-6/+58
| * | Fix empty window title regression, add application display name to window titleDavid Faure2012-12-142-3/+28
| * | Fixed incorrect handling of extra mouse buttons in XCB platform plugin.Samuel Rødal2012-12-144-59/+87
| * | Fix QWidget::setWindowOpacity() when called before show().Friedemann Kleint2012-12-123-0/+12
| |/
| * DirectWrite support on MinGW needs _WIN32_WINNT to be set to 0x0600Erik van Pienbroek2012-12-121-0/+5
| * Made QWidget::setWindowOpacity work with the XCB platform plugin.Samuel Rødal2012-12-122-0/+19
| * Add directory to's INCLUDEPATHAlejandro Exojo2012-12-121-1/+1
| * Improve Cocoa platform plugin loading.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-121-7/+0
| * Partially revert e84e86dc.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-111-1/+1
| * a11y: Do not refer to destructed QObject in Windows bridgeJan Arve Saether2012-12-112-10/+22
| * Consistently prefix all platform plugin libraries with "q".Samuel Rødal2012-12-113-3/+3
| * Add PLUGIN_CLASS_NAME to qtbase pluginsMiikka Heikkinen2012-12-1011-0/+11
| * Blackberry: Fix crash when opening file dialog without parent.Sergio Martins2012-12-106-23/+25
| * Implement Cocoa KeyMapper.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-076-2/+604
| * Set CGImage format when converting from QImage.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-071-1/+22
| * Use the "copy" blend mode for backingstore drawingMorten Johan Sorvig2012-12-071-0/+1
| * Avoid backing store color space conversions.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-071-1/+15
| * Update QNSView geometry on window resize.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-12-072-3/+4
| * Compile with QT_NO_CURSOR.Volker Krause2012-12-076-0/+24
| * Cocoa: fix unresponsive dialogs causes application to hangRichard Moe Gustavsen2012-12-051-8/+10
| * QWindowsFontDatabase: provide better fallbackFamilies.Pierre Rossi2012-12-041-74/+87
| * Ensure ctrl + click sends a right mouse button press in CocoaAndy Shaw2012-12-042-2/+15
| * properly syncqt-ize harfbuzz headersOswald Buddenhagen2012-12-041-2/+0
| * QNX: Fix plugin compilationRafael Roquetto2012-12-041-1/+1
| * Mac: fix regression to make dialog resizableLiang Qi2012-12-031-2/+2
| * xcb: notify when the logical DPI changes; add Q_MM_PER_INCH constantShawn Rutledge2012-12-031-2/+6
| * Removed temporary backwards-compat properties and accessors in QWindowShawn Rutledge2012-12-033-4/+4
* | Move ForceIntegerMetrics testing out of the loopKonstantin Ritt2013-01-021-2/+4
* | Update Qt internals to use QChar::ScriptKonstantin Ritt2012-12-215-19/+16
* | Make distance fields rendering work with Opentype CFF fontsEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2012-12-212-1/+14
* | Remove usage of qt_mac_get_scaleFactor() as it is no longer neededAndy Shaw2012-12-193-14/+2
* | No reason to dynamically resolve NotifyWinEvent anymoreJan Arve Saether2012-12-131-12/+1
* | QNX: QQnxCursor implementation.Rafael Roquetto2012-12-136-3/+166
* Cocoa: create dialogs as NSPanelsTeemu Katajisto2012-12-011-6/+10
* Properly release pixel format and context in QCocoaGLContext.Zeno Albisser2012-12-012-0/+8
* Basic high-dpi "retina" support for Qt 5.Morten Johan Sørvig2012-12-018-14/+86
* QWidget windows have fullscreen button by default; manual test for itShawn Rutledge2012-12-011-0/+3
* Cocoa: Disable accessibility.Morten Johan Sørvig2012-12-018-3/+28
* Cocoa: fix modal native dialogs with ongoing modal sessionsTeemu Katajisto2012-12-013-0/+13
* QNX: Move buffer count check to appropriate locationRafael Roquetto2012-12-011-13/+14
* make minimalegl plugin compile without QtWidgetsTasuku Suzuki2012-11-301-1/+0
* Cocoa: update OpenGL viewport when nsview movesRichard Moe Gustavsen2012-11-283-3/+35
* QNX: Fix window focus problems when using QNX 6.5.0.Sergio Martins2012-11-283-0/+13
* Fix touch event handling for WindowsOliver Wolff2012-11-275-14/+29
* Fixed abbreviations in QWindow::framePos() and QWindow::setFramePos().Samuel Rødal2012-11-271-1/+1
* Mac: Fix wheel event handling on 10.6Liang Qi2012-11-271-5/+5
* Fixed excessive enter/leave events being generated with the xcb plugin.Samuel Rødal2012-11-231-2/+39
* Cocoa: Make sure non windowed QCocoaWindows hide their content viewsGabriel de Dietrich2012-11-231-0/+4
* Cocoa: Make sure child windows' QNSView is properly releasedGabriel de Dietrich2012-11-231-0/+2