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* Doc: Updated the \l links in the manualVenu2013-11-145-265/+256
* qdoc: Don't include internal QML typesMartin Smith2013-11-073-3/+5
* qdoc: Fix output file name generation for examplesTopi Reinio2013-11-071-1/+5
* Doc: Updated url variable in qdocconf files.Jerome Pasion2013-11-061-1/+1
* qdoc: warn if index file for dependency is not foundTopi Reinio2013-11-041-2/+9
* qdoc: Don't output docs for internal thingsMartin Smith2013-11-012-0/+5
* qdoc: Update qdoc's QML parserMartin Smith2013-11-0114-1157/+1422
* qdoc: Corrected error in QDocDatabase::findQmlType()Martin Smith2013-11-013-59/+16
* qdoc: Part 2 of fix for inheriting abstract QML typesMartin Smith2013-11-016-11/+46
* qdoc: Internal QML Types no longer marked publicMartin Smith2013-11-011-1/+2
* qdoc: Snippets files no longer parsed by qdocMartin Smith2013-11-011-0/+8
* qdoc:headers and sources paths are canonicalizedMartin Smith2013-11-011-1/+1
* qdoc: Include internal types in the index filesMartin Smith2013-11-013-4/+16
* qdbusxml2cpp: Fix warnings about writing to closed devices.Friedemann Kleint2013-10-291-12/+17
* Fix crash in qdoc startupKai Koehne2013-10-181-25/+23
* Fix build when fwrite() is declared with attribute warn_unused_resultTasuku Suzuki2013-10-151-1/+1
* Doc: Adding mark-up to boolean default values.Jerome Pasion2013-10-0817-55/+55
* qdoc: Remove algorithm to find common prefixMartin Smith2013-10-044-56/+30
* qdoc: Eliminate uses of qmlModuleIdentifier()Martin Smith2013-10-047-34/+35
* qdoc: Remove debug codeTopi Reinio2013-10-021-3/+0
* qdoc: Use empty common prefix for alphabetical QML type listsTopi Reinio2013-10-021-8/+8
* qdoc: Fixed handling of QML referencesMartin Smith2013-10-018-99/+133
* qdoc: Correct location info for typedefs with associated enumsTopi Reinio2013-09-271-0/+6
* rcc: Remove compile dependency on private headers.hjk2013-09-262-2/+0
* Doc: Restore QDoc's use of the \sinceJerome Pasion2013-09-242-31/+9
* qdoc: Import statement now shows correct versionMartin Smith2013-09-241-1/+7
* Add QKeySequenceEditIvan Komissarov2013-09-241-0/+1
* moc: Don't stumble over MSVC __declspec.Stephen Kelly2013-09-241-0/+1
* qdoc: \externalpage links are fixedMartin Smith2013-09-233-11/+21
* Improve qdoc performance.Jędrzej Nowacki2013-09-219-152/+298
* qdoc: Documentation for property groups is backMartin Smith2013-09-181-8/+5
* qdoc: Now reports duplicate page titles better.Martin Smith2013-09-163-7/+22
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| | * Doc: split up Qdoc-manualNico Vertriest2013-09-1018-8893/+8859
* | | Remove qFill usages from uicGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-09-131-2/+4
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* | qdoc: Eliminate duplicate page warnings in some casesMartin Smith2013-09-131-1/+15
* | Remove qSort usages from qdocGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-09-132-2/+6
* | Fix Strict Weak Ordering in qdoc's comparatorGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-09-131-1/+1
* | QDoc: properly initialize a memberGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-09-131-1/+3
* | moc: add -M<key=value> to ease static qml plugin linkingRichard Moe Gustavsen2013-09-134-0/+35
* | qdoc: Avoid CppCodeMarker crash on abstract QML typesMartin Smith2013-09-121-1/+7
* | Fix moc-crash when compiling QtScript on Windows.Friedemann Kleint2013-09-111-8/+7
* | Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev" into refs/stagi...Sergio Ahumada2013-09-101-3/+8
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| | * Doc: minor language and layout editsNico Vertriest2013-08-291-3/+8
* | | Port moc to QCommandLineParserDavid Faure2013-09-103-226/+202
* | | qdoc: Better use of versions of QML modulesMartin Smith2013-09-103-36/+44
* | | QMetaMethod and QDBusMetaObject: Give public access to signal methodsCaroline Chao2013-09-091-1/+1
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* | qdoc: Removed declared but undefined member functionMartin Smith2013-09-051-1/+0