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* iOS: Account for UITextInteraction when building against 12.x or lowerv5. Shaw2019-11-081-4/+2
* Ensure that child windows are visible again when showing their parentAndy Shaw2019-10-312-3/+13
* Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.0.3Eirik Aavitsland2019-10-3015-78/+185
* Only call ShowCaret if Windows 10 1709 or later is usedAndy Shaw2019-10-301-5/+7
* Fix a -Wclass-memaccess problem in qjsonVille Voutilainen2019-10-281-1/+3
* Revert "Release left button before showing the popup context menu"Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2019-10-253-19/+0
* Windows/MinGW: Fix posted events timer not stoppingFriedemann Kleint2019-10-242-3/+7
* Remove DirectWrite warning when loading bitmap fontsEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2019-10-211-8/+10
* macOS: Optionally flush sub-layers via sub-image copies of the backingstoreTor Arne Vestbø2019-10-181-10/+19
* iOS: Account for when the older SDK is used when buildingAndy Shaw2019-10-182-2/+5
* Fix for compilers that don't allow casting nullptr_t to an integerVolker Hilsheimer2019-10-141-1/+2
* Include likely-adjusted uiLanguages for the system localeEdward Welbourne2019-10-103-17/+69
* Filesystem: avoid crashes on exit in case the locale codec is nullThiago Macieira2019-10-091-1/+3
* evdevtouch: Report stationary touchpoints that include pressure changesShawn Rutledge2019-10-091-1/+5
* Fix QRandomGenerator initialization on AMD CPUsDmitry Kazakov2019-10-084-46/+88
* Ensure all children of a widget get updated when a stylesheet changesAndy Shaw2019-10-081-0/+5
* iOS: Prevent UIKit from adding UITextInteraction to our viewTor Arne Vestbø2019-10-071-0/+12
* Fix CVE-2019-16168 in SQLiteAndy Shaw2019-10-072-1/+46
* sqlite: Update to v3.29.0Andy Shaw2019-10-073-3112/+4062
* Add QQuickMultiPointTouchArea as a friend of QTouchEventShawn Rutledge2019-09-251-0/+1
* Mark stationary touch points as updated if pressure or velocity changesShawn Rutledge2019-09-253-1/+6
* Move DialogButtonBoxLayout case to be before MouseDoubleClickDistanceAndy Shaw2019-09-241-3/+2
* evdevtouch: Add fallback definition of ABS_MT_PRESSURE; fix alignmentShawn Rutledge2019-09-201-2/+5
* widgets: Mark widgets as needing flush during paintingTor Arne Vestbø2019-09-202-12/+4
* macOS dark mode: set the link colorShawn Rutledge2019-09-191-1/+5
* Doc-fix: correct some misinformation about QDateTime's handling of DSTEdward Welbourne2019-09-191-23/+30
* MS TZ data: avoid calculating a date in year 0Edward Welbourne2019-09-191-13/+29
* Update hints on how to link to OpenSSLKai Koehne2019-09-193-7/+7
* macOS: Keep default NSWindow background unless window is framelessTor Arne Vestbø2019-09-161-2/+2
* Handle robustness with OpenGL < 4.0Allan Sandfeld Jensen2019-09-131-1/+23
* QMenu::popup(): don't change the menu's screen if called from exec()Shawn Rutledge2019-09-101-7/+10
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.5' into 5.12Qt Forward Merge Bot2019-09-071-8/+7
| * Fix crash when text contains too many directional charsRainer Keller2019-08-301-8/+7
* | A follow-up to a recent fix in QHttpNetworkConnectionChannelTimur Pocheptsov2019-09-063-1/+39
* | QShortcut: call base class implementation in event()Christian Ehrlicher2019-09-051-4/+2
* | qFatal: make it so you cannot disable the messageThiago Macieira2019-09-041-2/+2
* | Deliver stationary touchpoints that have changed pressureShawn Rutledge2019-09-022-4/+8
* | Avoid invalid memory access in QIconCacheGtkReader::lookup()Alexander Volkov2019-09-021-1/+1
* | QHttpNetworkConnectionChannel - avoid re-connecting on 'disconnected'Timur Pocheptsov2019-09-021-2/+5
* | Windows QPA: Update theme fonts when the primary screen changesFriedemann Kleint2019-09-022-1/+8
* | Doc: Clarify QJsonDocument::toJson()Joerg Bornemann2019-08-301-1/+1
* | Remove hardcoded qt_instdate field from binaryFredrik Orderud2019-08-301-1/+1
* | Fix invalid end range appended to HTTP requestRainer Keller2019-08-281-1/+2
* | Add Third-Party code in qregion.cpp to qt_attribution.json fileKai Koehne2019-08-283-54/+58
* | Fix assertion on passing nullptr QLatin1Strings to qt_compare_stringsMarc Mutz2019-08-251-2/+2
* | Don't defer platform backingstore creation if we already have a platform windowTor Arne Vestbø2019-08-241-0/+5
* | macOS: Choose appropriate NSWindow depth based on surface formatTor Arne Vestbø2019-08-242-15/+31
* | Use qsizetype for qt_memfill functionsThiago Macieira2019-08-248-29/+32
* | QGuiApplication: drop mutex before emitting fontChanged()Marc Mutz2019-08-231-2/+5
* Fix build with -no-feature-printer on macOSAndré Klitzing2019-08-223-17/+24