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* Convert features.whatsthis to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-2936-75/+90
* Allow using Xcode Command Line Tools to build QtJake Petroules2017-06-291-8/+10
* QTabBar: fix expanded tabs appearanceOleg Yadrov2017-06-281-9/+9
* QProcess/Unix: move strerror() up from child to parentThiago Macieira2017-06-281-27/+19
* Windows code: Add Q_FALLTHROUGH or break to unmarked fallthroughs seen by GCC 7Friedemann Kleint2017-06-284-6/+7
* QNativeSocketEnginePrivate::nativeAccept(): Add missing breakFriedemann Kleint2017-06-281-0/+1
* QOperatingSystemVersion: (potentially) fix compilation with QNX 6Marc Mutz2017-06-282-0/+4
* QOperatingSystemVersion: mark as Q_RELOCATABLE_TYPEMarc Mutz2017-06-281-0/+1
* QOperatingSystemVersion/Android: compress global dataMarc Mutz2017-06-281-3/+6
* Fix GCC 8 warnings about ignored const on cast result typesMarc Mutz2017-06-282-3/+3
* QOperatingSystemVersion: remove unneded copy ctor declarationMarc Mutz2017-06-281-1/+0
* Convert features.undocommand to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-283-14/+12
* Convert features.undostack to QT_CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-283-7/+6
* Convert features.undogroup to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-286-25/+25
* Convert features.undoview to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-283-10/+8
* Convert features.treewidget to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-287-26/+17
* Convert features.listwidget to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-286-16/+13
* Convert features.tablewidget to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-285-16/+13
* Convert features.tabletevent to QT_CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-2820-67/+66
* Convert features.wheelevent to QT_CONFIGStephan Binner2017-06-2843-68/+68
* winrt: Fix build for Windows Kit 10.0.10586.0Oliver Wolff2017-06-281-5/+4
* Fix crash when running tst_qlbuffers under AngleSimon Hausmann2017-06-281-1/+1
* xcb: Use QT_CONFIG macro to check for xcb-xlibAlexander Volkov2017-06-2815-42/+32
* xcb: rename arg in QXcbBackingStore ctorGatis Paeglis2017-06-281-1/+1
* QGbkCodec: Initialize buf arraysFriedemann Kleint2017-06-281-2/+2
* Fix current tab text color on Mac when a proxy style is installedGabriel de Dietrich2017-06-282-4/+6
* xcb: Increment iterator inside bgr888 region loopBłażej Szczygieł2017-06-281-1/+1
* macOS: Send text input and key events to focus object of window, not appTor Arne Vestbø2017-06-261-11/+8
* macOS: Work around buildup of NSDisplayCycle objects during rapid paintingTor Arne Vestbø2017-06-261-0/+8
* ATSPI: correct configure warning message when ATSPI is missingThiago Macieira2017-06-251-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.9.1' into 5.9Tor Arne Vestbø2017-06-251-1/+1
| * Merge 5.9 into 5.9.1Oswald Buddenhagen2017-06-1951-526/+385
| |\
| * | Revert "QWidgetEffectSourcePrivate::draw(): Call render() when no shared pain...Friedemann Kleint2017-06-141-1/+1
* | | Moc: Don't error out when parsing namespace __identifier(...)Olivier Goffart2017-06-191-0/+3
| |/ |/|
* | Android: fix missing wheel eventsJ-P Nurmi2017-06-183-0/+40
* | Fix reading qle_signedbitfield as intAllan Sandfeld Jensen2017-06-181-1/+1
* | rename qglobalstatic.cpp -> qglobalstatic.qdocOswald Buddenhagen2017-06-172-3/+0
* | rework detection and use of clock_gettime()/librtOswald Buddenhagen2017-06-172-8/+12
* | make sql drivers independently configurableOswald Buddenhagen2017-06-176-16/+43
* | xcb: Remove XIproto.h include from qxcbxsettings.cppAlexander Volkov2017-06-161-12/+3
* | Direct2D: Fix build with MinGW 7.1Friedemann Kleint2017-06-141-1/+2
* | winrt: doc: Update platform limitations for UWPMaurice Kalinowski2017-06-141-0/+11
* | Add warning about missing but required CPU featuresThiago Macieira2017-06-131-0/+8
* | Follow KDE settings for menu and toolbar fontsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2017-06-131-0/+8
* | Remove message of integrityfb from config summaryKimmo Ollila2017-06-131-1/+0
* | uic: Fix possible crash when reading the size hint propertyJarek Kobus2017-06-131-3/+4
* | ANGLE: Fix crash with ltcg on Visual Studio 2015 Update 3Oliver Wolff2017-06-134-11/+121
* | QLogging: Fix unused static function warningOrgad Shaneh2017-06-131-1/+1
* | Use QMap in QProcessEnvironment so variables are sortedThomas Sondergaard2017-06-133-23/+20
* | Rename QProcessEnvironmentPrivate::hash to varsThomas Sondergaard2017-06-135-30/+30