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* Changed qlogging unittest to install subprogramKurt Korbatits2012-03-011-0/+3
| | | | | | | - Added install of app sub program so it works from install directory Change-Id: Ia83643519752a3cbb59d6da2aed132d683a94bee Reviewed-by: Rohan McGovern <>
* Fixed tst_qlogging app silently not compiled in some -fast builds.Rohan McGovern2012-02-221-0/+4
When configuring with -fast on Windows, a directory which contains two .pro files, one SUBDIRS and one not, will have the SUBDIRS Makefile silently clobbered by the non-SUBDIRS Makefile. In practice, this may cause various subdirectories to be silently excluded from the build. Rearrange .pro files for this test to avoid triggering this bug. Task-number: QTBUG-21168 Change-Id: Ic51941db497d7b8fb004f3c50f5ea24d90ff3114 Reviewed-by: Toby Tomkins <>