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* Added check to qtemporaryfile unittest if run as root userKurt Korbatits2012-01-171-0/+3
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* Fixes for tst_QTemporary(File|Dir)::nonWritableCurrentDirJoão Abecasis2011-12-091-3/+2
* Improve/cleanup qtemporarydir (and qtemporaryfile) unit testsDavid Faure2011-12-081-2/+10
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* Cleanup corelib autotestsJason McDonald2011-11-071-30/+0
* Fix QTemporaryFile regressions and new found issuesJoão Abecasis2011-10-211-0/+2
* Atomic implementation of create file and obtain handle for Win/SymbianJoão Abecasis2011-10-211-11/+20
* Remove Symbian-specific code from tests.Jason McDonald2011-09-291-6/+2
* QTemporaryFile: Test what happens if current dir isn't writable.David Faure2011-09-281-0/+17
* QTemporaryFile: use QCoreApplication::applicationName() as base filenameDavid Faure2011-09-281-1/+3
* Moving relevant tests to corelib/ioHolger Ihrig2011-08-311-0/+729