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* Using QLatin1String instead of QLatin1LiteralDebao Zhang2012-04-251-1/+1
* compile fix: missing #include <unistd.h>sMarc Mutz2012-02-231-0/+1
* Fix the qlocalsocket testAndrew Stanley-Jones2012-02-211-1/+3
* Allow the QLocalServer to listen to a native descriptorAndrew Stanley-Jones2012-02-151-4/+100
* Add socketOptions flags to QLocalServerAndrew Stanley-Jones2012-02-101-0/+55
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* fix QMutex warning in tst_QLocalSocket::threadedConnectionJoerg Bornemann2011-12-151-0/+1
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* Remove debug code from QLocalSocket autotest.Jason McDonald2011-10-311-7/+1
* Move QTRY_VERIFY/QTRY_COMPARE into testlib.Jason McDonald2011-10-191-1/+0
* Avoid using QSKIP in lieu of compile-time checksJason McDonald2011-10-041-4/+4
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