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* enable the text layout's cache where it is seems to be missedKonstantin Ritt2012-05-161-0/+4
* Revert "Temporarily disable -Woverloaded-virtual in headersclean test"Kent Hansen2012-05-161-1/+1
* Implement the move constructor for containers.Olivier Goffart2012-05-111-1/+19
* Fix test case dependency in tst_exceptionsafety.Jędrzej Nowacki2012-05-101-17/+77
* Expose QPA API under qpa/*Girish Ramakrishnan2012-05-071-1/+1
* Change remaining uses of {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1 [QtGui]Thiago Macieira2012-05-041-9/+9
* Change remaining uses of {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1 [QtCore]Thiago Macieira2012-05-041-5/+5
* Don't use obsolete qVariantValue, qVariantCanConvert, etc.Debao Zhang2012-05-021-7/+7
* Temporarily disable -Woverloaded-virtual in headersclean testKent Hansen2012-05-011-1/+1
* Remove insignification of lancelot test on Mac OS X.Jason McDonald2012-04-301-2/+0
* Don't use the QRegExp methods that modify the object [QtGui]Thiago Macieira2012-04-241-1/+1
* lancelot test: Skip crashing test function on Mac OS X.Jason McDonald2012-04-241-0/+3
* Start running some disabled tests again on Mac OS.Jason McDonald2012-04-232-2/+2
* Disable the tst_exceptionsafety_others test completely.Thiago Macieira2012-04-201-1/+1
* Remove insignification from QFocusEvent test on Mac OS X.Jason McDonald2012-04-192-1/+3
* Remove insignification from QAccessibility test on Mac OS X.Jason McDonald2012-04-192-2/+3
* Remove insignification from the Lancelot test.Jason McDonald2012-04-181-2/+0
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into api_changes" into re...Sergio Ahumada2012-04-171-1/+16
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into api_changesLars Knoll2012-04-161-1/+16
| |\
| | * Update accessibility selections in QTextControl.Frederik Gladhorn2012-04-141-1/+16
* | | Update parent indexes first with changePersistentIndex.Stephen Kelly2012-04-171-1/+11
|/ /
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into api_changesOswald Buddenhagen2012-04-103-21/+147
|\ \ | |/
| * Fix MSVC warnings in tests.Friedemann Kleint2012-04-021-21/+34
| * Fix IAccessible2 for Windows, enable MSAA/IAccessible for MinGW.Jan-Arve Saether2012-03-272-0/+113
* | Remove references to QT_NO_STL from QtCoreThiago Macieira2012-04-071-18/+3
* | Port to the new QUrl APIThiago Macieira2012-03-301-1/+2
* | Improve output on test failuresJoão Abecasis2012-03-281-16/+14
* | Silence unused comparison result warnings (clang)João Abecasis2012-03-281-4/+4
* | Merge master into api_changesKent Hansen2012-03-271-17/+152
|\ \ | |/
| * Improve accessibility test to handle more text events.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-251-9/+36
| * Make sure windows send accessibility activated updates.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-241-4/+44
| * Added QAccessibleGroupBoxFrederik Gladhorn2012-03-241-0/+67
| * API cleanup: remove CoordinateType enumJan-Arve Saether2012-03-241-4/+5
* | Merge "Merge master into api_changes" into refs/staging/api_changesKent Hansen2012-03-234-35/+115
|\ \ | |/
| * More UTF8 fix of raster autotestaavit2012-03-221-2/+1
| * Fix raster autotest: consistently assume scripts in UTF8, not latin1aavit2012-03-202-2/+2
| * Remove QAccessibleEvent child parameter.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-191-33/+39
| * Accessibility: add text update eventsFrederik Gladhorn2012-03-191-9/+84
* | Remove QWorkspace.Debao Zhang2012-03-232-31/+2
* Make copy and assign private for QAccessibleEvent.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-181-21/+40
* containers: add C++11-style c{begin,end}() as alias for const{Begin,End}()Marc Mutz2012-03-171-1/+19
* Remove unmaintained and broken VNC platform pluginJohannes Zellner2012-03-154-174/+1
* headersclean: omit -Wcast-align also on MIPSRohan McGovern2012-03-151-2/+4
* Print all accessibility event strings.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-131-47/+1
* Clean up test, check radio button and checkbox.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-131-3/+8
* Autotest details of QAccessibleEvent.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-131-16/+23
* tst_exceptionsafety_objects: add virtual ~AbstractTesterMarc Mutz2012-03-121-0/+1
* Use QAccessibleEvent in test.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-121-20/+20
* Update accessibility StateChange by custom event.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-121-2/+0
* Call updateAccessibility with the right index.Frederik Gladhorn2012-03-081-14/+14