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* Fix the timing issue of QFtp tests when using Docker serversRyan Chu2019-05-151-1/+3
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Sometimes, it fails in tst_QFtp::proxy or tst_QFtp::activeMode under the stress test. It complains about "Network operation timed out" on vsftpd.test-net.qt.local. When this issue happens in tst_QFtp::proxy, it shows "USER-ERR reject: (ForkLimit 40)" in the log of ftp-proxy. By default, the ftp-proxy only supports 40 incoming client connections per minute. To make the ftp-proxy more powerful, this change extends the limits from 40 to 2000. When this issue happens in tst_QFtp:activeMode, vsftpd shows 426 Failure writing network stream error. It is a known issue of vsftpd. A quick fix is turning use_sendfile off. Change-Id: Iad50469654041bf30f92ef00805034f0d4aa9c3f Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <> Reviewed-by: Timur Pocheptsov <> Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <> Reviewed-by: Volker Hilsheimer <>
* Docker-based test servers for network-related Qt autotests on WindowsRyan Chu2019-01-231-0/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | | | There is no docker bridge on Windows. Docker document recommends using port mapping to connect to a container. The problem is that it causes a port conflict if the user is running a service that binds the same port on the host. This change applies the same solution of macOS to deploy the docker environment into VirtualBox and use the host network option. Task-number: QTQAINFRA-2294 Change-Id: Iedcb8daa39373f02adb59f02eae2775f02870c54 Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <> Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
* Docker-based test servers for network-related Qt autotestsRyan Chu2018-07-051-0/+40
The existing network test server has some limitations. Most notably, it is not accessible by every Qt developer. Also, some services don't allow simultaneous access, which causes flaky test results. Instead of centralizing all the services to one physical machine, the idea is to build up several dedicated servers inside separate Docker containers. 1. Create testserver.pri and integrate it into the make check command of Qt Test. 2. Define QT_TEST_SERVER flag for changing test parameters at compile time. Task-number: QTQAINFRA-1686 Change-Id: I0422ddb97eb8c11b4818771454851d19671253b1 Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <> Reviewed-by: Ryan Chu <>