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* Move the chip example in the docs.Casper van Donderen2011-06-292-1/+1
* Move the books example in the docs.Casper van Donderen2011-06-292-1/+1
* Remove QPainter::UniteClipGunnar Sletta2011-06-283-71/+3
* Change references to affine example.Casper van Donderen2011-06-282-1/+1
* Fix invalid read in QUrl::removeAllEncodedQueryItemsOlivier Goffart2011-06-281-0/+25
* Add a test for multiple CNs and fix the rest of the tests for the APIRichard Moore2011-06-272-14/+93
* Update the tests to handle multiple entries for subject and issuer info.Richard Moore2011-06-271-36/+36
* QStringBuilder: do not crash with null char*Olivier Goffart2011-06-271-0/+12
* Fix autotest to not depend on rasterization detailsaavit2011-06-271-0/+2
* Revert "fix breakages in qpainter autotests."aavit2011-06-271-3/+3
* Fix event delevery orderOlivier Goffart2011-06-271-0/+75
* SSL certificate printing: fix auto test for different OpenSSL versionsPeter Hartmann2011-06-223-4/+52
* IPv4 + IPv6 dual stack socketsShane Kearns2011-06-224-38/+145
* Update autotest case after toHtml changeJiang Jiang2011-06-221-1/+1
* Don't attempt to build benchmarks if release-mode Qt is not availableRohan McGovern2011-06-211-2/+4
* Add an autotest for the conversion of certificates to text.Richard Moore2011-06-212-0/+57
* Fixed compile of autotests for Mac & QPARohan McGovern2011-06-215-6/+6
* Fixed compile of tst_qsettings in debug-only mode on Mac, WindowsRohan McGovern2011-06-211-2/+0
* Fix QProcess emitting two started signals on X11Christian Strømme2011-06-201-2/+26
* fix an incorrect OpenMode flags handling in QBuffer::open()Ritt Konstantin2011-06-101-0/+50
* Fix missing empty lines in Qt HTML when displayed in compliant browsersEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2011-06-101-1/+25
* tst_qnetworkreply: Fix divide by zero crash on MacOS XShane2011-06-101-1/+1
* Allow selecting fonts with irregular style namesJiang Jiang2011-06-091-0/+13
* Add tilde (both ~ and ~<user>) expansion to QFileDialog on UNIX.Pierre Rossi2011-06-081-0/+39
* Fix regression that caused waitForXXX(-1) to fail.Thiago Macieira2011-06-072-4/+47
* Add function QGlyphRun::setRawData()Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2011-06-071-0/+79
* Disable trying to compile network tests which require QtScriptMarius Storm-Olsen2011-06-062-3/+2
* Correct QStaticText tests after recent changesJiang Jiang2011-06-041-2/+2
* Add basic static text drawing capability to lanceJiang Jiang2011-06-033-0/+143
* tst_qnetworkreply: add a test for http abort.Martin Petersson2011-06-011-6/+52
* Support placing cursor in ligature with mouse or touchJiang Jiang2011-05-301-0/+25
* Fix ligature offset in multi-line textJiang Jiang2011-05-271-0/+17
* Add QUuid::toRfc4122() and fromRfc4122()Liang Qi2011-05-272-0/+34
* Add QUuid::toByteArray() and relevantLiang Qi2011-05-272-0/+38
* Fix a regression in QList::mid()Liang Qi2011-05-271-0/+3
* Add some autotests and benchmarks for QUuidLiang Qi2011-05-272-2/+152
* tests: fixed compile of tst_macguiRohan McGovern2011-05-271-0/+2
* tests: fixed compilation of qstring benchmark on macRohan McGovern2011-05-271-2/+7
* Use "QT += testlib" consistentlyJason McDonald2011-05-276-31/+2
* Fix infinite recursion when changing geometry on MacGabriel de Dietrich2011-05-261-0/+14
* Support of lambdas in QtConcurrent::runOlivier Goffart2011-05-261-0/+67
* Tests for QtConcurrent::map using lambdasOlivier Goffart2011-05-261-0/+21
* Fix instability in QNetworkConfigurationManager autotestShane Kearns2011-05-261-2/+4
* Update qhostinfo autotest to expect RFC5952 formatted ipv6 addressesShane Kearns2011-05-261-6/+6
* fix "Host" header of ipv6 URLs in QNAMshiroki2011-05-261-9/+9
* Remove the redundant QTEST_ACCESSIBILITY define.Jason McDonald2011-05-261-13/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Continuous Integration System2011-05-251097-18847/+18847
| * Update licenseheader text in source files for qtbase Qt moduleJyri Tahtela2011-05-241097-18847/+18847
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Continuous Integration System2011-05-243-3/+29
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| * | QUrl auto test: include core-private headersPeter Hartmann2011-05-241-1/+1