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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into 5.6Liang Qi2016-01-1915-83/+231
| * Fix UB in tst_QObject::disconnectDoesNotLeakFunctor()Marc Mutz2016-01-091-3/+3
| * Fix UB in tst_QSharedPointer::basics()Marc Mutz2016-01-071-2/+4
| * Fix UB in tst_QDialog::showExtension()Marc Mutz2016-01-071-11/+12
| * Fix UB in tst_QObject::noDeclarativeParentChangedOnDestruction()Marc Mutz2016-01-071-1/+2
| * Fix UB in tst_QMetaTypeMarc Mutz2016-01-061-43/+43
| * Fix UB in tst_QIODevice::getSetCheck()Marc Mutz2016-01-061-8/+7
| * Allow socket events processing with a foreign event loop on WindowsAlex Trotsenko2016-01-053-2/+36
| * QStateMachine: fix ignore high-priority events.Masaru Ueki2016-01-051-0/+29
| * Revert "Fix global coordinate mapping for child widgets in QGraphicsView."Friedemann Kleint2016-01-051-1/+7
| * QAbstractSocket: do not enable read notifications on TCP in bind()Alex Trotsenko2015-12-241-0/+21
| * QWidgetWindow: The alien widget should be from the window's hierarchyGabriel de Dietrich2015-12-211-0/+32
| * Fix timeout calculations using qt_subtract_from_timeoutJoerg Bornemann2015-12-211-8/+12
| * Fix utf8->utf16 BOM/ZWNBSP decoding.Erik Verbruggen2015-12-211-3/+10
| * Fix a crash when calling QOpenGLTexture::setData with a null QImage.Juha Turunen2015-12-111-1/+14
* | CMake: Don't attempt gui-tests if Qt is built with -no-guiStephen Kelly2016-01-181-1/+3
* | QHttpSocketEngine: ensure pending EOF triggers a notificationAlex Trotsenko2016-01-181-0/+47
* | [Android]: Java uses some deprecated locale codes so account for theseAndy Shaw2016-01-131-1/+2
* | Fix reentrancy regression in QShortcutMap after c7e5e1d9eTor Arne Vestbø2016-01-121-2/+21
* | Don't pretend we know what DST to use for an offset date.Edward Welbourne2016-01-121-2/+0
* | Revert "QString: preserve embedded NULs when converting from QByteArray"Marc Mutz2016-01-121-2/+37
* | Doc: mention that Qt::AA_X11InitThreads isn't used anymoreDavid Faure2016-01-111-1/+0
* | CMake: Ensure that -fPIC is passed in tests.Kevin Funk2016-01-112-0/+4
* | Diaglib: Fix and extend dumping of native windows (Windows).Friedemann Kleint2016-01-111-8/+40
* | Make DST-transition test more general.Edward Welbourne2016-01-111-17/+29
* | QVariant: make sure two floating points compare equal if they are equalThiago Macieira2016-01-111-0/+7
* | Revert "dbus: Add method serial() and replySerial() to class DBusMessage."Thiago Macieira2016-01-111-7/+0
* | CMake: Make all tests link to Qt librariesKevin Funk2016-01-093-3/+4
* | QDate: fix calculation of the week number for the last days of 2020Thiago Macieira2016-01-091-10/+31
* | don't rely on transitive dependenciesOswald Buddenhagen2016-01-085-0/+8
* | Prospective fix for running cmake tests with -no-widgetsSimon Hausmann2016-01-071-1/+1
* | dbus: Add method serial() and replySerial() to class DBusMessage.Ralf Habacker2016-01-071-0/+7
* | Diaglib: Output more information about QWindow.Friedemann Kleint2016-01-061-0/+13
* | Blacklist failing tst_QFile tests (OS X)Timur Pocheptsov2016-01-061-0/+4
* | winrt: Use winsock2 API for hostname resolution on WinRT/WinPhoneOliver Wolff2016-01-051-0/+2
* | tst_Gesture - fix failing tests on OS X 10.11Timur Pocheptsov2016-01-051-19/+37
* | Make use of preprocessor easier to understand.Edward Welbourne2016-01-041-17/+17
* | Autotest: Make sure that we can place calls with disabled deliveryThiago Macieira2016-01-031-2/+4
* | Autotest: test both libdbus-1 load failure and connection failureThiago Macieira2016-01-023-1/+9
* | Autotest: Mark D-Bus tests that don't connect to the bus as parallelThiago Macieira2016-01-025-5/+5
* | Suspend processing of some messages in the default busses by defaultThiago Macieira2016-01-023-0/+121
* | QMimeDatabase: follow symlinks when checking for FIFO etc.David Faure2015-12-292-0/+28
* | Enable a test for QFilePrivate::fileName offset on 32 bit LinuxAlex Trotsenko2015-12-231-1/+1
* | tst_collections: "explicit instantiation of 'NS::QList' must occur in namespa...Marc Mutz2015-12-231-0/+2
* | tst_QTemporaryDir::nonWritableCurrentDir: Add a check for write protection.Friedemann Kleint2015-12-221-6/+13
* | Fix QJsonValue::fromVariant() if the variant contains a json objectLars Knoll2015-12-221-0/+6
* | QUrl: revert path-normalization in setPath().David Faure2015-12-221-11/+43
* | QStandardPaths: warn if $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR doesn't existDavid Faure2015-12-221-0/+23
* | add enablers for printing project errors in cumulative modeOswald Buddenhagen2015-12-211-2/+2
* | make write_file() capable of making files (not) executableOswald Buddenhagen2015-12-211-2/+9