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* Update copyright year in Digia's license headersSergio Ahumada2013-01-181-1/+1
* slash the -fast configure optionOswald Buddenhagen2012-12-181-1/+0
* Improve Direct X SDK detection in configure.exeFriedemann Kleint2012-11-061-0/+2
* Improve path search in configure.Friedemann Kleint2012-11-051-4/+3
* rewrite default spec handlingOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-011-1/+0
* Generate a .qmake.cache in config.tests from configure.exe.Jason Barron2012-10-301-0/+1
* Blackberry mkspecs: Refine compiler optionsPeter Hartmann2012-10-011-0/+1
* Change copyrights from Nokia to DigiaIikka Eklund2012-09-221-24/+24
* make it possible to pass configure zlib lib nameAndreas Holzammer2012-08-211-0/+1
* Add possibility to add OpenSSL, DBUS, MySQL path under WindowsAndreas Holzammer2012-08-071-0/+3
* add configure options for debug/release OpenSSLPeter K├╝mmel2012-07-311-0/+2
* Fix configure.exe to build qmake before testsRafael Roquetto2012-06-281-1/+2
* don't compile the host tools for wince already in configureOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-271-1/+0
* clean up path normalization in configure.exe and QLibraryInfoOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-3/+2
* Add configure-time checking for the SSE and AVX features on WindowsThiago Macieira2012-06-121-0/+2
* Support other platform names on configure.exeRafael Roquetto2012-06-121-0/+5
* Sync configure with Unix version (-make/-nomake)Marius Storm-Olsen2012-03-271-1/+3
* Remove -arch argument and #define QT_ARCH from configuresBradley T. Hughes2012-03-131-0/+2
* factor out code to install default mkspecOswald Buddenhagen2012-02-291-0/+1
* Remove "All rights reserved" line from license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-301-1/+1
* Update contact information in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-231-1/+1
* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-051-1/+1
* Update licenseheader text in source files for qtbase Qt moduleJyri Tahtela2011-05-241-17/+17
* Initial import from the monolithic Qt.Qt by Nokia2011-04-271-0/+187