BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.10QSaveFile: Check for EINTR in fsync()/fdatasync()Thiago Macieira22 months
5.11Bump versionKari Oikarinen12 months
5.12Remove dead code to fix a lint warningLars Schmertmann15 hours
5.12.1Fix llvm-strip errorBogDan Vatra10 months
5.12.2xcb: check for nullptr when reading AT_SPI_BUS propertyGatis Paeglis9 months
5.12.3Fix QTabletEvent::uniqueId() when Qt uses WinInkDmitry Kazakov8 months
5.12.4QSslSocket: add and set the TLSv1.3-specific PSK callbackMårten Nordheim6 months
5.12.5Only call ShowCaret if Windows 10 1709 or later is usedAndy Shaw6 weeks
5.12.6iOS: Account for UITextInteraction when building against 12.x or lowerAndy Shaw4 weeks
5.13wasm: fix building examples and applicationsLorn Potter3 weeks
5.13.0tst_qsslsocket: fix racy testMårten Nordheim6 months
5.13.1Fix crash when text contains too many directional charsRainer Keller3 months
5.13.2Revert "iOS: Account for when the older SDK is used when building"Andy Shaw6 weeks
5.14Fix updating the text cursor position after editingSona Kurazyan13 hours
5.14.0Make sure documentation for VulkanMemoryAllocator 3rdparty code shows upKai Koehne4 days
5.15Tidy nullptr usageAllan Sandfeld Jensen17 hours
5.3Partially revert "Fix a deadlock introduced by the race condition fix"Thiago Macieira5 years
5.4Better handling of invalid font tablesEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt4 years
5.5Add missing emission of activated(QString)Andy Shaw4 years
5.6OpenSSL: force the "1.0.0" soname when loading OpenSSL 1.0Giuseppe D'Angelo13 months
5.7add docs for QPlatformTheme::WheelScrollLines, MouseDoubleClickDistanceShawn Rutledge3 years
5.8Fix undefined behavior in QSharedPointer::create()Ihor Dutchak3 years
5.9Add changes file for Qt 5.9.9Antti Kokko4 days
5.9.8Add changes file for Qt 5.9.8Antti Kokko8 months
devUse Q_NAMESPACE for the Qt namespace, and remove the old moc hack to support itOlivier Goffart8 hours
old/5.0Merge branch 'release' into old/5.0Oswald Buddenhagen7 years
old/5.1Disallow deep or widely nested entity references.Mitch Curtis6 years
old/5.2do not use fileno calls in forked childJoerg Bornemann6 years
wip/cmakeMake sure to install QtModuleToolsVersionlessTargets.cmake.inAlexandru Croitor13 hours
wip/highdpiAdd QPointF/QRectF scale functionsPaul Olav Tvete4 years
wip/liteAdd new license header templates and license filesJani Heikkinen4 years
wip/mirMinor changes to appease the Qt sanity botPaul Olav Tvete4 years
wip/naclconfigure and mkspecs: Don't try to find xcrun with xcrunGabriel de Dietrich3 years
wip/network-test-serverIgnore .vagrant sub-directory when running the VagrantfileEdward Welbourne4 years
wip/remacCombine device and point id into 32 bit point idJan Arve Saether3 years
wip/tizenAdded device mkspec for Tizen 2.* mobile cross compilation.Tomasz Olszak5 years
wip/webassemblywasm: fix unicode toUpper issuesLorn Potter17 months