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Qt Charts project file structure change
Charts repository structure is changed to follow the structure of a Qt Add-On module. The task includes following changes: - All macros and definitions named 'commercial' have been renamed. - Compile errors related to QString and qSort usage have been fixed. - Old demos are moved under examples. The QML examples now support only Qt Quick 2.0, the support for Qt Quick 1 is removed. - The QML examples with multiple views are updated so that they are usable also with touch devices. - Unnecessary version checks are removed from examples. - The build stamp has been removed as it was only meant for Charts development purposes and it's no longer needed. Also development build related debug prints are removed as __DATE__ can't be used for all OS thus it doesn't make much sense. - Documentation structure has been updated based on the new module structure. The raw HTML files have been removed. Demos are combined to examples. - Unnecessary .qdocinc files are no longer needed. The content is moved to the corresponding .cpp files. - The Charts widget designer plugin is updated according to the module change. - The test cases updated according to the project structure change. Tests are added also for version 2.0. - cmake modules generation is not needed with Qt 5.4 and Qt Charts so it's disabled. - The new module name and version are updated to the plugin.qmltypes file. Task-number: QTRD-2844, QTRD-3217, QTRD-3218, QTRD-3277, QTRD-3228, QTRD-2526, QTRD-3233, QTRD-3222 Change-Id: Ib7fb26057cde710ffaf6bc780c8bf52a16f45160 Reviewed-by: Miikka Heikkinen <>
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+!include( ../examples.pri ) {
+ error( "Couldn't find the examples.pri file!" )
+RESOURCES += resources.qrc
+SOURCES += main.cpp
+OTHER_FILES += qml/qmlcustomlegend/*