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winrt: Add limitations to bluetooth overview page
Same as on Android, Obex is not supported on winrt. Even though QBluetoothServiceInfo has a small passage about winrt's limitations when it comes to RFCOMM. Users might miss these limitations as they are quite hidden. Make them more visible by also having them in the overview. Task-number: QTBUG-62520 Change-Id: Ibdf1a9b334b7138301e833981e67c7813488bbd1 Reviewed-by: Alex Blasche <>
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\li Receive advertisement from Bluetooth Low Energy device.
- Note that the Object Push Profile is not supported on Android.
+ Note that the Object Push Profile is not supported on Android and Windows.
+ Note that parts of RFCOMM functionality cannot be configured by Qt on Windows.
+ A service's \l {ServiceClassIds} and \l {ProtocolDescriptorList} are filled automatically by
+ Windows. Therefore registering a service with custom values for these fields might not yield the
+ expected result on Windows.
The following sections describe how to use the Qt Bluetooth C++ API classes
for the above use cases.