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+Qt Data Visualization 0.1.0 (Techonology preview)
+Qt Data Visualization module provides multiple graph types to visualize data in 3D space
+both with C++ and Qt Quick 2.
+System Requirements
+- Qt 5.1 or newer
+- OpenGL 2.1 or newer (recommended) or OpenGL ES2 (reduced feature set)
+Configure project with qmake and build project with make:
+ (Linux) make
+ (Windows with MinGw) mingw32-make
+ (Visual Studio) nmake
+ (OSX) make
+If you want to install the module to your Qt directory use:
+ make install
+If you want to uninstall the module
+ make uninstall
+Building as a statically linked library
+The same as above applies you will just have to add static to the CONFIG:
+ qmake CONFIG+=static
+Pregenerated documentation can be found from doc folder for both Qt Assistant
+(qtdatavisualization.qch) and in HTML format (qtdatavisualization subfolder).
+The documentation can also be generated with:
+ make docs
+Please refer to the generated documentation for more information:
+ doc/qtdatavisualization/qtdatavisualization-index.html
+Known Issues
+The technology preview version is still missing some features entirely, while some
+others may be only partially implemented. Here are some known issues:
+- Scatter graphs can only show zero centered axis ranges properly.
+- Value axis range of a bar graph with negative values need to be zero
+ centered to display properly.
+- Selection API is missing for surface graphs.
+- Shadows do not work for surface graphs.
+- Mac: Graphs drawn half the size on Retina displays.
+- Using multiple graphs in one application crashes on application shutdown
+ unless the last graph to have active context is deleted last.
+- Android doesn't support both widgets and OpenGL simulataneously, so only
+ the Qt Quick 2 API is usable in practice in Android.
+- Shadows are not supported with OpenGL ES2 (including Angle builds in Windows).