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-Qt Data Visualization 5.7.0
+Qt Data Visualization 5.9.0
Qt Data Visualization module provides multiple graph types to visualize data in 3D space
@@ -80,8 +80,6 @@ Known Issues
- Anti-aliasing doesn't work with OpenGL ES2 (including Angle builds in Windows).
- QCustom3DVolume items are not supported with OpenGL ES2 (including Angle builds in Windows).
- Surfaces with non-straight rows and columns do not always render properly.
-- Q3DLight class (and Light3D QML item) are currently not usable for anything.
-- Changing most of Q3DScene properties affecting subviewports currently has no effect.
- Widget based examples layout incorrectly in iOS.
- Reparenting a graph to an item in another QQuickWindow is not supported.
- Android builds of QML applications importing QtDataVisualization also require