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-Configure project with qmake and build project with make:
+Configure the project with qmake:
+ qmake
+After running qmake, build the project with make:
(Linux) make
(Windows with MinGw) mingw32-make
(Visual Studio) nmake
(OSX) make
+The above generates the default makefiles for your configuration, which is typically
+the release build if you are using precompiled binary Qt distribution. To build both
+debug and release, or one specifically, use one of the following qmake lines instead.
+For debug builds:
+ qmake CONFIG+=debug; make
+ or
+ qmake CONFIG+=debug_and_release; make debug
+For release builds:
+ qmake CONFIG+=release ; make
+ or
+ qmake CONFIG+=debug_and_release; make release
+For both builds
+ qmake CONFIG+="debug_and_release build_all"; make
If you want to install the module to your Qt directory use:
make install