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Fix labels and grid lines changing size when aspect ratio is changed
Since shaders needed fixing anyway for surface because of this, also implements the support for object gradients for surface, which was missing. Task-number: QTRD-2666 Task-number: QTRD-3211 Change-Id: I0c5da7fdfef308a96ec0bae4750fd22035da4e82 Reviewed-by: Mika Salmela <>
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@@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ Known Issues
- Surfaces with non-straight rows and columns do not always render properly.
- Q3DLight class (and Light3D QML item) are currently not usable for anything.
- Changing any of Q3DScene properties affecting subviewports currently has no effect.
-- The color style Q3DTheme::ColorStyleObjectGradient doesn't work for surface graphs.
- Widget based examples layout incorrectly in iOS.
- Reparenting a graph to an item in another QQuickWindow is not supported.
- There is a low-impact binary break between 1.0 and 1.1. The break is due to a QML type