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Added changes file for v1.2.
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+Qt Data Visualization 1.2
+New features
+- Added support for volumetric custom objects (QCustom3DVolume) for rendering 3D voxel data.
+- Reflection support for bar graphs (floor only).
+- Polar horizontal axes supported for scatter and surface graphs.
+- Added flipHorizontalGrid property for surface to enable displaying grid in 2D orthographic
+ projections of the surface (e.g. 2D spectrogram graphs).
+- Added horizontalAspectRatio property for graphs to enable better control over graph dimensions.
+- Added an API for setting a custom texture for a surface series.
+- Added several properties to control the default input handler behavior.
+- Exposed default input handlers to QML API.
+- Camera can now be targeted at any point within axis ranges on the scatter and surface graphs.
+ On bar graphs, camera target is limited to any point on the graph floor.
+- Added possibility to scale custom items based on data ranges.
+- Added a property for specifying the locale for the graph, which affects how various labels
+ are formatted (e.g. which character is used for the decimal point).
+- Added a property for specifying the Y-value of the floor level on bar graphs.
+- Added a property to Q3DScene for querying the graph position at a screen position.
+- The default input handlers now zoom to cursor/pinch instead of zooming toward the center of the
+ graph. Added a property to restore the old zoom behavior.
+- Added properties to control the minimum and maximum allowable zoom level of the camera.
+- Added a method for getting the list of custom items added to the graph.
+- Added a property for specifying the graph background margin.
+Fixed issues
+- Label widths now update consistently when axis range changes.
+- Made selection texture creation more robust.
+- Grid lines and labels no longer change size if aspect ratio changes.
+- Q3DTheme::ColorStyleObjectGradient now works for surface graphs.
+- Removed the superfluous common.pri.
+- Fixed non-visible selected object drawing in static optimization mode.
+- Gradient color styles are now supported equally in both default and static optimization modes.
+- Specular highlight now works with rotated objects in static optimization mode.
+- Fixed a crash in static optimization mode when data is updated without resizing.
+- Fixed changing items in static optimization mode.
+- Fixed issues with static optimization mode when some items were outside axis ranges.
+- Slice mode grid lines should no longer vanish into the background when using high ambient light
+ value.
+- Reduced the size of the surface selection texture, allowing selection to work with larger
+ surfaces.
+- Fixed QAbstract3DGraph::renderToImage in OpenGL ES2 environments.
+- Fixed crash when attempting to enable slicing without row/column selection modes.
+- QCustom3DLabels now use the same shader as other labels, which means the specular highlight
+ no longer makes camera facing custom labels unreadable with some themes.
+- Made various selection queries thread safe.
+- Fixed selection query synchronization issue when using threaded renderer.
+- Font size is automatically reduced if the label gets too wide to fit the label texture.
+- Fixed the ordering of the subviews.
+- Fixed surface normals in cases where the surface values were not in the same order
+ (ascending or descending) along both axes.
+- Fixed a crash when removing and changing items on the same render frame.
+- Fixed an issue with grid line color on surface graphs.
+- Prevented selecting bars through the floor in bar graphs.
+- Fixed recurring GL_INVALID_VALUE OpenGL errors.
+- Improved the surface shadows.
+- Fixed the OpenGL context cleanup upon renderer destruction.
+- Fixed scatter item autosizing when adding a new series.
+- Fixed a crash related to selection render buffer reuse.
+New examples
+- Qmlspectrogram example added. It shows how to display 2D spectrogram using surface graph with
+ gradients and orthographic projection. Also demonstrates the use of polar axes.
+- Bars example now demonstrates zooming to selection, which leverages the new ability to
+ control the camera target.
+- Textured surface example added.
+- Volumetric example added. It shows how to use the new QCustom3DVolume object to visualize
+ volumetric data.
+- Reflection added to Bars and Customproxy examples.
+- Custom camera targeting added to Bars example.