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Added explanation / example of axis label selection
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\li Create an application with Q3DBars and some widgets
\li Use QBar3DSeries and QBarDataProxy to set data to the graph
\li Adjust some graph and series properties using widget controls
+ \li Select a row or a column by clicking an axis label
It also demonstrates how having negative bar values affects the graph.
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\li Font size
+ \section1 Selecting a row/column by clicking an axis label
+ Selection by axis label is default functionality for bar graphs. As an example, you can select
+ rows by clicking an axis label in the following way:"
+ \list
+ \li Change selection mode to \c SelectionRow
+ \li Click a year label
+ \li The row with the clicked year is selected
+ \endlist
+ You can use the same method with \c SelectionSlice and \c SelectionItem flags, as long as
+ you have either \c SelectionRow or \c SelectionColumn set as well.
\section1 Example contents