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The last \c import just imports all the qml files in the same directory as our \c {main.qml},
because that's where \c NewButton.qml and \c Data.qml are.
- Then we create our main \c Item and call it \c mainView:
+ Then we create our main \c Rectangle and call it \c mainView:
\snippet qmlscatter/qml/qmlscatter/main.qml 1
- \note The Qt Creator application wizard will set a \c Rectangle item as the main item, which
- is opaque white by default. This doesn't work for an application using Qt Data Visualization graphs,
- because the graphs are rendered behind the other QML elements. When creating a new application,
- you should change the main item type to \c Item instead, which is invisible.
- This way the graph is not covered by the main item.
- Then we'll add another \c Item inside the main \c Item, and call it \c dataView.
+ Then we'll add another \c Item inside the main \c Rectangle, and call it \c dataView.
This will be the item to hold the Scatter3D graph. We'll anchor it to the parent bottom:
\snippet qmlscatter/qml/qmlscatter/main.qml 9