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Selection overhaul
Selection modes are now proper flags, so you can easily mix and match item, row, and column modes as you wish. Slice flag means automatic slicing control - if user wishes to control slicing himself, he should not set this mode flag. Clicking an item on graph now emits clicked signal from renderer to controller on all graphs instead of setting the selected item. Controller will set the selected item based on this information. Task-number: QTRD-2366 Task-number: QTRD-2491 Change-Id: I6251c42e22ea676613fbd36685e33574e6eb9a1a Reviewed-by: Tomi Korpipää <>
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All visualization types support selecting a single data item - a bar, a scatter item, or a surface
vertex - using mouse, touch, and programmatically via the graph APIs. The selected item is highlighted
in the rendered graph, and selecting causes emission of a graph specific signal for this purpose,
- for example, Q3DBars::selectedBarPosChanged(), which the application can handle.
+ for example, Q3DBars::selectedBarChanged(), which the application can handle.
\note The surface graph doesn't have a fully implemented selection API yet. It only supports
selection with mouse and touch in the technology preview version.