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\page qtdatavisualization_interacting_with_data.html
\title Qt Data Visualization Interacting with Data
- \section1 View manipulation
+ \section1 Interacting with data
+ You can interact with the rendered graph with either mouse or touch to rotate, zoom, or select
+ data. For the mouse controls, see Q3DInputHandler documentation, and for the touch controls,
+ see QTouch3DInputHandler documentation.
- \section1 Highlighting data
+ \note In the technology preview version, default input handlers cannot be replaced or even accessed
+ via public API. This feature is planned for the final release.
+ \section1 Data selection modes
+ All visualization types support selecting single data item - a bar, a scatter item, or a surface
+ vertex - using mouse, touch, and programmatically via the graph APIs. The selected item is highlighted
+ in the rendered graph, and selecting causes emission of a graph specific signal for this purpose,
+ e.g. Q3DBars::selectedBarPosChanged(), which the application can handle.
+ \note Surface graph doesn't have fully implemented selection API yet, it only supports
+ selection with mouse and touch in the technology preview version.
+ Bar and surface graphs support slice selection modes, where the selected row or column is drawn
+ in a separate viewport as a pseudo-2D graph. This makes it easier to see the actual values of
+ single row or column.
+ Bar graph additionally supports simply highlighting the whole row and/or column of the selected bar
+ without opening the slice view.