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Make background margin configurable
Added margin as abstract graph property. If the margin is narrow, the positions of theedge labels of the axes are adjusted to avoid overlap with edge labels on other axes. Task-number: QTRD-3204 Change-Id: I7fa5a04c8f2091519d99689ef2f6cbcf799fb15e Reviewed-by: Mika Salmela <> Reviewed-by: Tomi Korpipää <>
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* \sa Scene3D::graphPositionQuery
+ * \qmlproperty real AbstractGraph3D::margin
+ * \since QtDataVisualization 1.2
+ *
+ * This property contains the absolute value used for graph margin. The graph margin is the space
+ * left between the edge of the plottable graph area and the edge of the graph background.
+ * If the margin value is negative, the margins are determined automatically and can vary according
+ * to size of the items in the series and the type of the graph.
+ * The value is interpreted as a fraction of Y-axis range, provided the graph aspect ratios have
+ * not beed changed from the defaults.
+ * Defaults to \c{-1.0}.
+ *
+ * \note Having smaller than the automatically determined margin on scatter graph can cause
+ * the scatter items at the edges of the graph to overlap with the graph background.
+ *
+ * \note On scatter and surface graphs, if the margin is comparatively small to the axis label
+ * size, the positions of the edge labels of the axes are adjusted to avoid overlap with
+ * the edge labels of the neighboring axes.
+ */