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\li Control viewable data window with axis ranges
\li Customize value axis grid lines and labels with axis formatters
+ \li Polar horizontal axes support for surface and scatter graphs
\li Customizable input handling
\li Customizable themes
\li Custom items and labels can be added to any graph
\li Ready-made data proxies to visualize data from Qt item models and height maps
\li Perspective and orthographic projections
+ \li Volumetric custom items
\section1 Getting Started
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\section1 Series
- Series is combination of logically connected set of data items (handled by a data proxy)
+ A series is a combination of a logically connected set of data items (handled by a data proxy)
and visual properties that describe how the data items should be rendered, such as item
meshes and colors. Each visualization type has its own series type. For example, bar graphs
use QBar3DSeries. All graphs can have multiple series added simultaneously.