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+Qt Data Visualization 1.1
+New features
+- Support for rendering the graph into an image.
+- QValue3DAxisFormatter class for creating custom value axis formatters.
+ With a custom formatter, you can control axis grid line and label positions,
+ as well as fully customize the label strings.
+- Logarithmic value axes are now supported via a QLogValue3DAxisFormatter.
+- Support for adding custom items and labels inside the graph with
+ QCustom3DItem and QCustom3DLabel classes.
+- Q3DScene::selectionQueryPosition now can select axis labels and custom items
+ as well as data items. Selection is detected via QAbstract3DGraph::selectedElement
+ property.
+- The current frames per second (FPS) measurement can be enabled and queried via
+ QAbstract3DGraph::measureFps and QAbstract3DGraph::currentFps properties.
+- QValue3DAxis::reversed property allows drawing the axis in reverse direction.
+- A single item model role can be mapped to multiple properties of the data items
+ when using item model proxies. Regular expression search and replace can be used
+ to make the data unique for each property. Useful for parsing e.g. timestamp field
+ to get values for both rows and columns of a bar chart.
+- Support for aggregating multiple mapping matches in bar and surface item model
+ proxies into single bar or surface point.
+- Support for orthographic projection in graphs via QAbstract3DGraph::orthoProjection.
+- Axis labels can now be set to automatically orient towards the camera with
+ QAbstract3DAxis::labelAutoRotation property to increase label readability
+ at all angles.
+- Bars3D: Clicking row/column labels can now be used to highlight rows/columns if
+ the selection mode allows it.
+- Surface3D: X values in items of a row and Z values of items of a column can now be
+ either ascending or descending for the surface to be valid.
+- Aspect ratio, i.e. the ratio between horizontal and vertical axes can be changed
+ for scatter and surface graphs.
+- Axis titles can now be optionally displayed beside the axes in the primary graph view.
+- Added support for optional optimizations via QAbstract3DGraph::optimizationHints.
+ Note: This feature is currently in beta. The only optimization hint currently supported
+ is OptimizationStatic for scatter graphs, which vastly improves the render speed for
+ large static data sets, allowing millions of points to be displayed on desktop platforms.
+Fixed issues
+- Optimized series caching in renderer.
+- Optimized object mesh caching in renderer.
+- Optimized visible are calculation for surface graphs.
+- Fixed crash when setting null color/gradient to theme in QML.
+- Fixed overriding theme color with explicit series color in QML.
+- Optimized changing only single item/row in data proxies.
+- Fixed a crash when using both Qt Charts and Qt Data Visualization in the same application.
+ Note: This causes a binary break for the item model proxies.
+- Bars3D: Fixed incorrect label positioning in slice mode when grid off.
+- Bars3D: User defined meshes that have flat base no longer glimmer through graph floor
+ when viewed from below.
+- Scatter3D: Range gradient now works for MeshPoints.
+- Surface3D: Fixed a crash when shadows were supported by OpenGL but flat shading was not.
+- Surface3D: Selection texture no longer gets corrupted in case there are multiple surfaces
+ visible and the axis ranges are adjusted.
+- Surface3D: Fixed shadow culling, improving the shadow cast on the surface itself.
+New examples
+- customitems: Example about showing custom items and labels in the graph.
+- draggableaxes: Shows how to implement an input handler to enable scrolling
+ the graph via dragging the axes.
+- qmlaxisdrag: Shows how to implement an input handler to enable scrolling
+ the graph via dragging the axes in QML.
+- qmlaxisformatter: Shows how to use customize axes using axis formatters.
+Platform specific changes
+- Fixed issue with graph not always updating before rotating the graph in iOS.
+- Fixed shader linking error on some Android versions.
+- Fixed memory leaks in Mac and Android builds.