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The default input handling mechanism is disabled by setting the inputHandler property to null.
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\section1 Implementing custom selection handling
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The mouse area is configured to capture hover events and has two custom properties for \c mouseX and \c mouseY
to store the last known mouse coordinates.
- \snippet ../examples/qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 2
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Whenever a pointer movement related signal is received the code updates the \c mouseX and \c mouseY properties.
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As the selection is one shot, and is cleared each time a 3D frame is rendered, a timer is setup to retrigger selection so that the selection moves to the item
currently under the mouse cursor as the camera animates around the graph even when the mouse cursor is not moving.
- \snippet ../examples/qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 4
+ \snippet qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 4
\section1 Implementing custom zoom handling
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based on the current subrange.
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+ \snippet qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 5
\section1 Implementing custom camera handling
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The camera is animated to constantly rotate around the graph with two animations. The rotation around the graph is done with
a simple NumberAnimation that just increments during 20 seconds from 0 degrees to 360 degrees and sets the \l Q3DCamera::xRotation property.
- \snippet ../examples/qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 6
+ \snippet qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 6
The camera movement up and down is implemented with a SequentialAnimation that varies the \l Q3DCamera::yRotation property of the camera
from 5 degrees to 45 degrees and back with in and out easing.
- \snippet ../examples/qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 7
+ \snippet qmlcustominput/qml/qmlcustominput/main.qml 7