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D3D12: Basic image support
For now there is no mipmapping, no atlases, and all image data is converted to RGBA8888. Regardless, this already makes it possible to use basic Image elements. Follow the same pattern as with rectangles: most of the code is shared via a material-less, abstract QSGDefaultNoMaterialImageNode, with the material-related bits provided by QSGDefaultImageNode for GL and QSGD3D12ImageNode for D3D. Also fixes the harmless but incorrect miscalculation of the VBV size for indexed draws. Image data is copied into an intermediate upload buffer when invoking the render context's createTexture(). The upload is triggered on a separate copy command queue. The main command queue is synchronized via a fence before executing the commands for the current frame. Root signatures are now cached more cleverly and include zero or more SRVs as parameter 1. This involves the engine having to manage a shader (GPU) visible CBV-SRV-UAV descriptor heap as well. Change-Id: I67c35577ff2677e1c7776dd8e5011860e2d78b00 Reviewed-by: Andy Nichols <>
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