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Update to the latest version of the ecmascript test suite
Update to work with an up to date version of the Ecmascript test suite and update the suite to current master. test262 does also contain tests for experimental features that are not yet part of the standard. As we don't want to test those, contains a hardcoded list of those features. As this brings in all the ES6/7/8 tests in the test suite, it requires us to add a large list of failing tests to TestExpectations. But like this we can more easily track work towards better ES6 compatibility and make sure we don't introduce regressions. Currently, we pass around 60% of the test suite. Task-number: QTBUG-66950 Change-Id: I6ea75702e6f89e901e4752b73219d2f48ed53c10 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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[submodule "tests/auto/qml/ecmascripttests/test262"]
path = tests/auto/qml/ecmascripttests/test262
url = ../qtdeclarative-testsuites.git
- branch = snapshot-20150317-8f6a508-based
+ branch = snapshot-20180312-3c69133-based