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Run ES5 tests on Linux/x86-64
This requires including the test suite as a submodule by default and bumping the module to a new sha1 that removes some particularly long paths. Also force the test suite to run under a US locale, as tests like ch15/15.5/15.5.4/ cannot deal with locale dependent output for date formatting. The test harness now returns a non-zero exit code when a test fails. This is used by the QTestLib wrapper to determine success or failure. The tests with JIT are run, but the tests with the interpreter are omitted at the moment until the last failure is fixed. The tests add about 10-15 minutes extra time to the total time it takes to run tests on Linux in the CI. Change-Id: Id01fd3b41350f9c9a6ce9e43236f51f7f0fb71c8 Reviewed-by: Robin Burchell <>
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-[submodule "tests/manual/v4/test262"]
- path = tests/manual/v4/test262
+[submodule "tests/auto/qml/ecmascripttests/test262"]
+ path = tests/auto/qml/ecmascripttests/test262
url = ../qtdeclarative-testsuites.git
- update = none