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Document since versions for QUICK_TEST_MAIN_WITH_SETUP functions
- qmlEngineAvailable() 5.11 c260d3062de83d7f051e531007771455915285e5 - applicationAvailable() 5.12 ef06a6ba7bfb5e38b1bef2e21a764ec74479b158 - cleanupTestCase() 5.12 7bf8d4d3772959f06d4dd0168af7774adde29d76 Change-Id: I7b6b699121248c5ad35a7ee2c99eb3f3c77fd01f Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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\li Name
\li Purpose
+ \li Since
\li void applicationAvailable()
\li Called right after the QApplication object was instantiated.
Use this function to setup everything that is not related
to QML directly.
+ \li Qt 5.12
\li void qmlEngineAvailable(QQmlEngine*)
\li Called when the QML engine is available.
@@ -162,10 +164,12 @@
\l {QQmlEngine::addPluginPath}{plugin paths},
and \l {QQmlFileSelector::setExtraSelectors}{extra file selectors}
will have been set on the engine by this point.
+ \li Qt 5.11
\li void cleanupTestCase()
\li Called right after the test execution has finished.
Use this function to clean up before everything will start to be destructed.
+ \li Qt 5.12
Each function will be called once for each \c tst_*.qml file, so any