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Doc: improve QUICK_TEST_MAIN_WITH_SETUP function descriptions
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\li void applicationAvailable()
\li Called right after the QApplication object was instantiated.
- Use this function to setup everything that is not related
- to QML directly.
+ Use this function to perform setup that does not require a
+ \l QQmlEngine instance.
\li Qt 5.12
\li void qmlEngineAvailable(QQmlEngine*)
@@ -164,6 +164,11 @@
\l {QQmlEngine::addPluginPath}{plugin paths},
and \l {QQmlFileSelector::setExtraSelectors}{extra file selectors}
will have been set on the engine by this point.
+ This function can be used to \l {Choosing the Correct Integration
+ Method Between C++ and QML}{register QML types} and
+ \l {QQmlEngine::addImportPath()}{add import paths},
+ amongst other things.
\li Qt 5.11
\li void cleanupTestCase()