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qmlfunctions.qdoc: Add clarification to QML_FOREIGN
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@@ -79,6 +79,10 @@ Qt's internal QLineEdit class.
\snippet referenceexamples/extended/lineedit.h 0
+Note the usage of \l QML_NAMED_ELEMENT() instead of \l QML_ELEMENT.
+QML_ELEMENT uses the name of the containing type by default, "LineEditExtension" in this case.
+As the class being an extension class is an implementation detail, we choose the more natural name "LineEdit" instead
The QML engine then instantiates a \l QLineEdit:
\snippet referenceexamples/extended/main.cpp 1
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@@ -269,6 +269,10 @@
for example because they belong to 3rdparty libraries.
To register a namespace, see \l QML_FOREIGN_NAMESPACE().
+ \b{NOTE:} You may want to use \l QML_NAMED_ELEMENT() instead of \l QML_ELEMENT due to the fact that
+ the element will be named like the struct it is contained in, not the foreign type.
+ See \l {Extending QML - Extension Objects Example} for an example.