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authorRichard Moe Gustavsen <>2021-01-20 14:13:44 +0100
committerQt Cherry-pick Bot <>2021-01-20 17:50:28 +0000
commit8483a1ea8271d45edd89e97ddd37edc73b83ce99 (patch)
parent476c07e3c3b1a0b11f9080ef0ee55d368c597d34 (diff)
Ensure we cancel touchMouseSynthesis upon receiving touchCancel
As it stood, we wouldn't cancel touchMouseSynthesis after receiving a touch cancel event. The result would be that the first touch event sent to QQuickWindow thereafter would have touchMouseId set to value different from -1. This again would fool QQuickWindow into believing that the event belonged to a touch event it has synthesized before, and it would as such take a different/wrong path for delivery. This caused text selection to fail on iOS, since a press-and-hold on a line edit from QPA would cancel the touch event and show a magnifier glass. When the user later touched inside the line edit again to move the cursor, this new touch event would not be delivered to the text edit. Fixes: QTBUG-90485 Change-Id: Iad640ae57317ea86ee68ca053654b0b30ade003a Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <> (cherry picked from commit a738c3566790c6e9abeea3c4c3dacfceaa82f66a) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/quick/items/qquickwindow.cpp b/src/quick/items/qquickwindow.cpp
index 470d43efd5..0270f41e55 100644
--- a/src/quick/items/qquickwindow.cpp
+++ b/src/quick/items/qquickwindow.cpp
@@ -2282,7 +2282,7 @@ bool QQuickWindowPrivate::deliverTouchCancelEvent(QTouchEvent *event)
// Deliver it to all items and handlers that have active touches.
const_cast<QPointingDevicePrivate *>(QPointingDevicePrivate::get(event->pointingDevice()))->
+ cancelTouchMouseSynthesis();
return true;