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Doc: Add \keyword for "Grouped" and "Attached" property topics
This enables searching the index list for the \keyword in Qt Creator Change-Id: Ic8fde82def48c4d0f4cbf0e75bc862e00ca3ca65 Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniö <>
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@@ -346,8 +346,8 @@ demonstrates a usage of extension objects.
\section1 Defining QML-Specific Types and Attributes
-\section2 Providing Attached Objects for Data Annotations
+\section2 Providing Attached Properties
+\keyword Integrating QML and C++ - Attached Properties
In the QML language syntax, there is a notion of \l{Attached properties and
attached signal handlers}{\e {attached properties} and \e {attached signal
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@@ -301,6 +301,7 @@ Note that the template class type for the QQmlListProperty — in this case,
\section2 Grouped Properties
+\keyword Integrating QML and C++ - Grouped Properties
Any read-only object-type property is accessible from QML code as a
\e {grouped property}. This can be used to expose a group of related
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Returns 0 if type \e T is not a valid attaching type, or if \a create is false and no
attachment object instance has previously been created for \a attachee.
- \sa {Providing Attached Objects for Data Annotations}
+ \sa {Providing Attached Properties}
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@@ -856,8 +856,7 @@ are otherwise unavailable to the object. In particular, they allow objects to
access properties or signals that are specifically relevant to the individual
-A QML type implementation may choose to \l {Providing Attached Objects for
-Data Annotations}{create an \e {attaching type} in C++} with
+A QML type implementation may choose to \l {Providing Attached Properties}{create an \e {attaching type} in C++} with
particular properties and signals. Instances of this type can then be created
and \e attached to specific objects at run time, allowing those objects to
access the properties and signals of the attaching type. These are accessed by