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Doc: Fix some titles and links
Make page titles follow the conventions at http://qt-project.org/wiki/Spelling_Module_Names_in_Qt_Documentation. Make class/type list titles follow the "<Qt Module> C++ Classes" and "<Qt Module> QML Types" formats. Links are updated accordingly, along with broken links found during this sweep. Some inline links also have their surrounding text modified, to improve flow. Change-Id: I0ed7788caa250085d7ea0080a77d8a2655debf39 Reviewed-by: Alan Alpert <aalpert@blackberry.com>
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - XMLHttpRequst
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - XMLHttpRequest
\example qml/xmlhttprequest
\brief This is a collection of XMLHttpRequest examples
\image qml-xmlhttprequest-example.png
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Accessibility
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Accessibility
\example quick/accessibility
\brief This example has accessible buttons.
\ingroup qtquickexamples
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Animation
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Animation
\example quick/animation
\brief This is a collection of QML Animation examples.
\image qml-animations-example.png
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Canvas
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Canvas
\example quick/canvas
\brief This is a collection of QML Canvas examples.
\image qml-canvas-example.png
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+++ b/examples/quick/draganddrop/doc/src/draganddrop.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Drag and Drop
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Drag and Drop
\example quick/draganddrop
\brief This is a collection of QML drag and drop examples
\image qml-draganddrop-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/keyinteraction/doc/src/keyinteraction.qdoc b/examples/quick/keyinteraction/doc/src/keyinteraction.qdoc
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Key Interaction
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Key Interaction
\example quick/keyinteraction
\brief This is a collection of QML keyboard interaction examples.
\image qml-keyinteraction-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/localstorage/doc/src/localstorage.qdoc b/examples/quick/localstorage/doc/src/localstorage.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/quick/localstorage/doc/src/localstorage.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Local Storage
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Local Storage
\example quick/localstorage
\brief A collection of QML local storage examples.
\image qml-localstorage-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/mousearea/doc/src/mousearea.qdoc b/examples/quick/mousearea/doc/src/mousearea.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/quick/mousearea/doc/src/mousearea.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - MouseArea
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - MouseArea
\example quick/mousearea
\brief This is an example of the MouseArea type in QML
\image qml-mousearea-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/particles/affectors/doc/src/affectors.qdoc b/examples/quick/particles/affectors/doc/src/affectors.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/quick/particles/affectors/doc/src/affectors.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick.Particles Examples - Affectors
+ \title Qt Quick Particles Examples - Affectors
\example quick/particles/affectors
\brief This is a collection of examples using Affectors in the QML particle system.
\image qml-affectors-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/particles/customparticle/doc/src/customparticle.qdoc b/examples/quick/particles/customparticle/doc/src/customparticle.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/quick/particles/customparticle/doc/src/customparticle.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick.Particles Examples - CustomParticle
+ \title Qt Quick Particles Examples - CustomParticle
\example quick/particles/customparticle
\brief This is a collection of examples using CustomParticle in the QML particle system.
\image qml-customparticle-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/particles/emitters/doc/src/emitters.qdoc b/examples/quick/particles/emitters/doc/src/emitters.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/particles/emitters/doc/src/emitters.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/particles/emitters/doc/src/emitters.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick.Particles Examples - Emitters
+ \title Qt Quick Particles Examples - Emitters
\example quick/particles/emitters
\brief This is a collection of examples using Emitters in the QML particle system.
\image qml-emitters-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/particles/imageparticle/doc/src/imageparticle.qdoc b/examples/quick/particles/imageparticle/doc/src/imageparticle.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/particles/imageparticle/doc/src/imageparticle.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/particles/imageparticle/doc/src/imageparticle.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick.Particles Examples - Affectors
+ \title Qt Quick Particles Examples - Affectors
\example quick/particles/imageparticle
\brief This is a collection of examples using Affectors in the QML particle system.
\image qml-imageparticle-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/particles/system/doc/src/system.qdoc b/examples/quick/particles/system/doc/src/system.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/particles/system/doc/src/system.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/particles/system/doc/src/system.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick.Particles Examples - Affectors
+ \title Qt Quick Particles Examples - Affectors
\example quick/particles/system
\brief This is a collection of examples using Affectors in the QML particle system.
\image qml-system-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/positioners/doc/src/positioners.qdoc b/examples/quick/positioners/doc/src/positioners.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/positioners/doc/src/positioners.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/positioners/doc/src/positioners.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Positioners
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Positioners
\example quick/positioners
\brief This is a collection of QML Positioner examples.
\image qml-positioners-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/righttoleft/doc/src/righttoleft.qdoc b/examples/quick/righttoleft/doc/src/righttoleft.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/righttoleft/doc/src/righttoleft.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/righttoleft/doc/src/righttoleft.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Right to Left
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Right to Left
\example quick/righttoleft
\brief This is a collection of QML Right to Left examples.
\image qml-righttoleft-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/threading/doc/src/threading.qdoc b/examples/quick/threading/doc/src/threading.qdoc
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--- a/examples/quick/threading/doc/src/threading.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/threading/doc/src/threading.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Threading
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Threading
\example quick/threading
\brief This is a collection of QML Multithreading examples.
\image qml-threading-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/touchinteraction/doc/src/touchinteraction.qdoc b/examples/quick/touchinteraction/doc/src/touchinteraction.qdoc
index 8515b14abf..2d383aff58 100644
--- a/examples/quick/touchinteraction/doc/src/touchinteraction.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/touchinteraction/doc/src/touchinteraction.qdoc
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Touch Interaction
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Touch Interaction
\example quick/touchinteraction
\brief This is a collection of QML Touch Interaction examples.
\image qml-touchinteraction-example.png
diff --git a/examples/quick/views/doc/src/views.qdoc b/examples/quick/views/doc/src/views.qdoc
index d79f9b0b3e..b807ceaead 100644
--- a/examples/quick/views/doc/src/views.qdoc
+++ b/examples/quick/views/doc/src/views.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- \title QtQuick Examples - Views
+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Views
\example quick/views
\brief This is a collection of QML model/view examples
\image qml-modelviews-example.png
diff --git a/src/imports/models/plugin.cpp b/src/imports/models/plugin.cpp
index 127c781d6c..2181562098 100644
--- a/src/imports/models/plugin.cpp
+++ b/src/imports/models/plugin.cpp
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
\qmlmodule QtQml.Models 2
- \title Qt Qml Model QML Types
+ \title Qt QML Model QML Types
\ingroup qmlmodules
\brief Provides QML types for data models
\since 5.1
diff --git a/src/qml/doc/qtqml.qdocconf b/src/qml/doc/qtqml.qdocconf
index ecd6b81823..2f92f45245 100644
--- a/src/qml/doc/qtqml.qdocconf
+++ b/src/qml/doc/qtqml.qdocconf
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ qhp.QtQml.customFilters.Qt.name = QtQml $QT_VERSION
qhp.QtQml.customFilters.Qt.filterAttributes = qtqml $QT_VERSION
qhp.QtQml.subprojects = classes examples
qhp.QtQml.subprojects.classes.title = C++ Classes
-qhp.QtQml.subprojects.classes.indexTitle = Qt QML Module C++ Classes
+qhp.QtQml.subprojects.classes.indexTitle = Qt QML C++ Classes
qhp.QtQml.subprojects.classes.selectors = class fake:headerfile
qhp.QtQml.subprojects.classes.sortPages = true
qhp.QtQml.subprojects.examples.title = Examples
diff --git a/src/qml/doc/src/cppintegration/extending-tutorial.qdoc b/src/qml/doc/src/cppintegration/extending-tutorial.qdoc
index bea464c8f6..82c04b1457 100644
--- a/src/qml/doc/src/cppintegration/extending-tutorial.qdoc
+++ b/src/qml/doc/src/cppintegration/extending-tutorial.qdoc
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ and \l {qtqml-cppintegration-definetypes.html}{Defining QML Types from C++}.
\example quick/tutorials/extending/chapter1-basics
A common task when extending QML is to provide a new QML type that supports some
- custom functionality beyond what is provided by the built-in \l {Qt Quick QML Types}{QtQuick types}.
+ custom functionality beyond what is provided by the built-in \l {Qt Quick QML Types}{Qt Quick types}.
For example, this could be done to implement particular data models, or provide
types with custom painting and drawing capabilities, or access system features
like network programming that are not accessible through built-in QML features.
diff --git a/src/qml/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc b/src/qml/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
index cce8d108d8..799945fa37 100644
--- a/src/qml/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
+++ b/src/qml/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
\qmlmodule QtQml 2
-\title Qt Qml QML Types
+\title Qt QML QML Types
\ingroup qmlmodules
\brief List of QML types provided by the Qt QML module
@@ -60,11 +60,11 @@ and functionality provided by the \c QtQml namespace are also provided by the
import QtQuick 2.0
-See the \l{QtQuick}{QtQuick} module documentation for more information about the
+See the \l{Qt Quick} module documentation for more information about the
\c QtQuick namespace and what it provides to QML application developers.
The documentation for the types below applies equally to the types of the same
-name provided by the \l{QtQuick}{QtQuick} module, as they are in fact identical.
+name provided by the \l{Qt Quick} module, as they are in fact identical.
\section1 Basic Types
diff --git a/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml-cpp.qdoc b/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml-cpp.qdoc
index 5470b00fb8..74e59d2540 100644
--- a/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml-cpp.qdoc
+++ b/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml-cpp.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
\module QtQml
-\title Qt QML Module C++ Classes
+\title Qt QML C++ Classes
\brief The C++ API provided by the Qt QML module
To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the
diff --git a/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml.qdoc b/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml.qdoc
index 12a791899e..05a33f351a 100644
--- a/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml.qdoc
+++ b/src/qml/doc/src/qtqml.qdoc
@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ developers to extend the QML language with custom types and integrate QML code
with JavaScript and C++.
The Qt QML module provides both the \c QtQml QML module, which supplies
-\l{Qt QML Module - C++ Classes}{a set of core QML types} for creating QML
-applications, and the \c QtQml C++ module, which supplies \l{Qt QML Module - C++ Classes}{a set of C++
+\l{Qt QML QML Types}{a set of core QML types} for creating QML
+applications, and the \c QtQml C++ module, which supplies \l{Qt QML C++ Classes}{a set of C++
APIs} for extending QML applications with custom types and integrating C++
implementations with QML applications.
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ for an introduction to writing QML applications.
\li \l{qtqml-documents-scope.html}{Scope and Naming Resolution}
- \li \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html}{QML Types Provided by the QtQml Module}
+ \li \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html}{QML Types Provided by the Qt QML Module}
\li \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html#importing-qtqml}{Importing \c QtQml}
\li \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html#basic-types}{Basic Types}
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ for an introduction to writing QML applications.
Additional Qt QML information:
-\li \l{Qt QML Module - C++ Classes} - the C++ API provided by the
+\li \l{Qt QML C++ Classes} - the C++ API provided by the
Qt QML module
\li \l{Qt QML Release Notes} - list of changes and
additions in the Qt QML module
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/qtquick.qdocconf b/src/quick/doc/qtquick.qdocconf
index 7fba78da10..b0676218cd 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/qtquick.qdocconf
+++ b/src/quick/doc/qtquick.qdocconf
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.qmltypes.selectors = fake:qmlclass
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.qmltypes.sortPages = true
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.title = Classes
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.title = C++ Classes
-qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.indexTitle = Qt Quick Module C++ Classes
+qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.indexTitle = Qt Quick C++ Classes
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.selectors = class fake:headerfile
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.classes.sortPages = true
qhp.QtQuick.subprojects.examples.title = Examples
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/advtutorial.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/advtutorial.qdoc
index 889bfd8914..f670e3a323 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/advtutorial.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/advtutorial.qdoc
@@ -459,12 +459,12 @@ makes it very easy to fetch and display XML based data such as RSS in a QML appl
By following this tutorial you've seen how you can write a fully functional application in QML:
-\li Build your application with \l {QML Types provided by the QtQuick Module}{QML types}
+\li Build your application with \l {Qt Quick QML Types}{QML types}
\li Add application logic \l{Using JavaScript Expressions in QML}{with JavaScript code}
\li Add animations with \l {Behavior}{Behaviors} and \l{Qt Quick States}{states}
\li Store persistent application data using, for example, \l{QtQuick.LocalStorage 2}{QtQuick.LocalStorage} or \l XMLHttpRequest
There is so much more to learn about QML that we haven't been able to cover in this tutorial. Check out all the
-examples and the \l {QtQuick}{documentation} to see all the things you can do with QML!
+examples and the \l {Qt Quick}{documentation} to see all the things you can do with QML!
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/applicationdevelopers.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/applicationdevelopers.qdoc
index 0b9af98083..c1b5a937a0 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/applicationdevelopers.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/applicationdevelopers.qdoc
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ provided by Qt Quick, please see the \l{Qt Quick} module documentation.
\li \l{qtquick-qmlscene.html}{Prototyping with qmlscene}
\li \l{qtquick-debugging.html}{Debugging QML Applications}
- \li \l{qtquick-qtquicktest.html}{QtQuickTest: QML Unit Testing Framework}
+ \li \l{qtquick-qtquicktest.html}{Qt Quick Test: QML Unit Testing Framework}
\li \l{qml-codingconventions.html}{QML Coding Conventions}
\li \l{qtquick-glossary.html}{Glossary of Terms}
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/porting.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/porting.qdoc
index dcc864179b..907f7403b9 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/porting.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/porting.qdoc
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ these changes and the impact they have on your existing code.
This article describes the changes that affect your existing code. If you are
interested in the summary of all new features in Qt 5 for QML application development, see
-\l{qtqml-releasenotes.html}{QtQml Release Notes} and \l{qtquick-releasenotes.html}{QtQuick Release Notes}.
+\l{Qt QML Release Notes} and \l{Qt Quick Release Notes}.
\section1 QML Language changes
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/qtquicktest.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/qtquicktest.qdoc
index e26cf10a84..6d434279e6 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/qtquicktest.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/qtquicktest.qdoc
@@ -28,8 +28,7 @@
\page qtquick-qtquicktest.html
\inqmlmodule QtQuick 2
- \title QtQuickTest Reference Documentation
- \keyword QtQuickTest Reference Documentation
+ \title Qt Quick Test Reference Documentation
\brief unit testing framework for QML
\section1 Introduction
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/quickstart/basics.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/quickstart/basics.qdoc
index ef30f1682d..15f3c2f5ff 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/quickstart/basics.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/appdevguide/quickstart/basics.qdoc
@@ -34,25 +34,25 @@
A QML document defines a hierarchy of objects with a highly-readable,
structured layout. Every QML document consists of two parts: an imports
section and an object declaration section. The types and functionality most
-common to user interfaces are provided in the \l{QtQuick}
+common to user interfaces are provided in the \c{QtQuick}
\section2 Importing and Using the QtQuick Module
-To use the \l{QtQuick} module, a QML document needs to
+To use the \l{Qt Quick} module, a QML document needs to
import it. The import syntax looks like this:
import QtQuick 2.0
-The types and functionality that \l{QtQuick} provides can now
+The types and functionality that \l{Qt Quick} provides can now
be used in the QML document!
\section2 Defining an Object Hierarchy
The object declaration in a QML document defines what will be displayed in the
-visual scene. \l{QtQuick} provides the basic building blocks
+visual scene. \l{Qt Quick} provides the basic building blocks
for all user interfaces, including objects to display images and text, and to
handle user input.
@@ -80,8 +80,7 @@ added to the \c children property of the \l Rectangle object, by QML.
\section2 Putting it Together
The \l Rectangle and \l Text types used in the above example are both provided
-by the \l{QtQuick} import. To use them, we need to import
-\l{QtQuick}. Putting the import and object declaration
+by the \c{QtQuick} import. Putting the import and object declaration
together, we get a complete QML document:
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/cppmodels.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/cppmodels.qdoc
index f31a0895fa..7b8d66f2a6 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/cppmodels.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/cppmodels.qdoc
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
\page qtquick-modelviewsdata-cppmodels.html
-\title Using C++ Models with QtQuick Views
+\title Using C++ Models with Qt Quick Views
\brief using QtQuick views with models defined in C++
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/modelview.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/modelview.qdoc
index fd461d9dab..ba9ec9229e 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/modelview.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/concepts/modelviewsdata/modelview.qdoc
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ To visualize data, bind the view's \c model property to a model and the
types. In addition, models can be created with Qt C++ and then made
available to the \l{QQmlEngine}{QMLEngine} for use by
QML components. For information about creating these models, visit the
- \l{qtquick-modelviewsdata-cppmodels.html}{Using C++ Models with QtQuick Views}
+ \l{Using C++ Models with Qt Quick Views}
and \l{qtqml-typesystem-topic.html#qml-object-types}
{creating QML types} articles.
@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ To visualize data, bind the view's \c model property to a model and the
datasets to QML.
For information, visit the
- \l{qtquick-modelviewsdata-cppmodels.html}{Using C++ Models with QtQuick Views}
+ \l{Using C++ Models with Qt Quick Views}
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/cppextensionpoints.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/cppextensionpoints.qdoc
index 4700b1c3b9..7fa7ee7aca 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/cppextensionpoints.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/cppextensionpoints.qdoc
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ between frames and the complete set of primitives to render is known before rend
starts. This opens up for a number of optimizations, such as batching the OpenGL draw calls
to minimize state changes or discarding obscured primitives.
-The \l {Qt Quick Module - C++ Classes}{Qt Quick C++ API} provides various classes to
+The \l {Qt Quick C++ Classes}{Qt Quick C++ API} provides various classes to
enable custom nodes to be created in C++.
See the \l {Qt Quick Scene Graph} documentation for details.
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/examples.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/examples.qdoc
index a67876b91e..aad8cfc3c4 100644
--- a/src/quick/doc/src/examples.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/examples.qdoc
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ This set of code samples are part of the collection of \l{Qt Examples}.
The following examples show how a QML-based user interface can be combined with C++
-code using the \l{Qt Qml} Module.
+code using the \l{Qt QML} module.
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ code using the \l{Qt Qml} Module.
Elements and Components
- \li \l{QML Types provided by the QtQuick Module}
+ \li \l{Qt Quick QML Types}
\li \l{external: Qt Mobility QML Plugins}{QML Plugins}
\li \l{external: Qt Quick Components for Symbian}{Symbian Components}
\li MeeGo Components
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
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--- a/src/quick/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/qmltypereference.qdoc
@@ -78,10 +78,10 @@ In addition, the QtQuick module provides the following basic types:
\section1 Object Types
All of the object types provided by QtQuick are based on the \l{Item} type,
-which itself derives from \l{QML::QtObject}. QML object types provided by
-the \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html#object-types}{QtQml module}
+which itself derives from \l{QML::QtObject}. \l{qtqml-typereference-topic.html#object-types}
+{QML object types} provided by the Qt QML module
(such as \l{QML::QtObject} and \l{QML::Component}) are also available when
-you import QtQuick.
+you import \c QtQuick.
\section2 Visual Types
@@ -293,8 +293,8 @@ The QtQuick 2 module provides graphical primitive types. They can be used with t
import QtQuick 2.1
-For a more detailed listing of types in the QtQuick 2 import, see the \l{qtquick-qmltypereference.html}{QtQuick 2 type reference page}.
-For more details about the QtQuick 2 module, see the \l{QtQuick} module page.
+For a more detailed listing of types in the \c QtQuick 2 import, see the \l{Qt Quick QML Types} page.
+For more details about the module itself, see the \l{Qt Quick} module page.
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--- a/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick-cpp.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick-cpp.qdoc
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
\module QtQuick
- \title Qt Quick Module C++ Classes
+ \title Qt Quick C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
\brief The Qt Quick module provides classes for embedding Qt Quick
diff --git a/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick.qdoc b/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick.qdoc
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--- a/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick.qdoc
+++ b/src/quick/doc/src/qtquick.qdoc
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ and delayed object instantiation.
The Qt Quick module provides both the \c QtQuick QML module, which supplies
\l{Qt Quick QML Types}{a set of QML types} for creating user
interfaces with the QML language, and the \c QtQuick C++ module, which supplies
-\l{Qt Quick Module - C++ Classes}{a set of C++ APIs} for integrating with user interfaces and
+\l{Qt Quick C++ Classes}{a set of C++ APIs} for integrating with user interfaces and
applications built with QML and the \c QtQuick QML module.
For those new to QML and Qt Quick, please see
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ To find out more about using the QML language, see the \l{Qt QML Module Document
\section1 Qt Quick Module Documentation
- \li \l{qtquick-qmltypereference.html}{QML Types provided by the QtQuick Module}
+ \li \l{qtquick-qmltypereference.html}{Qt Quick QML Types}
\li \l{qtquick-qmltypereference.html#importing-qtquick}{Importing QtQuick}
\li \l{qtquick-qmltypereference.html#basic-types}{Basic Types}
@@ -111,18 +111,18 @@ To find out more about using the QML language, see the \l{Qt QML Module Document
Additional Qt Quick information:
-\li \l{Qt Quick Module - C++ Classes} - the C++ API provided by the
+\li \l{Qt Quick C++ Classes} - the C++ API provided by the
Qt Quick module
\li \l{Qt Quick QML Types} - a list of QML types provided by the
\c{QtQuick} import
- \li \l{QML Module QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.0}{XML List Model} - contains types
+ \li \l{QtQuick.XmlListModel 2}{XML List Model} - contains types
for creating models from XML data
- \li \l{QML Module QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0}{Local Storage} - a submodule
+ \li \l{QtQuick.LocalStorage 2}{Local Storage} - a submodule
containing a JavaScript interface for an SQLite database
- \li \l{QML Module QtQuick.Particles 2.0}{Particles} - provides a particle
+ \li \l{QtQuick.Particles 2}{Particles} - provides a particle
system for Qt Quick
- \li \l{QML Module QtQuick.Window 2.0}{Window} - contains types for creating
+ \li \l{QtQuick.Window 2}{Window} - contains types for creating
top-level windows and accessing screen information
\li \l{Qt Quick Release Notes} - list of changes and additions in the Qt Quick
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ Further information for writing QML applications:
\li \l{QML Application Developer Resources}
- essential information for application development with QML and Qt Quick
-\li \l{Qt Qml} - documentation for the
+\li \l{Qt QML} - documentation for the
Qt QML module, which provides the QML engine and language infrastructure